The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some Thoughts from The Mama

I was on the way home from church today. My two boys in the back enjoying time with each other (that's a nice way of saying picking on each other and being too loud etc)... A man's voice came on the radio. He said, "Fear is a selfish thing, it is all about Me."... I've been pondering that since I heard it.

God didn't create us to do our own thing, he created us as a part in his amazing plot.  As long as we're doing the thing He has called us to do, we don't have to fear the result.  We don't have to fear what others will think if we do it. Just give it our all and know that the outcome is just as He had in mind or He wouldn't have commissioned ME for THAT specific task at that specific time. Even if I fail in my own eyes, that failure could be the catapult for amazing things only He knows now.*selah* (My mom taught us when we were young that the "Selah" in the Bible means: Think about it.)
I met a lady this week who fears leaving her house. I met another lady this week who fears failure. I've met myself on so many occasions through out my life... So many times when a fork in the road is before me and I am either disappointed at my response or amazed at how the Lord took me places when I relinquished control and followed His direction. My response to His calls is often met with fear, and it is when I give in to that fear that I feel that disappointment and shame... But, when I stand firm on His promises to never leave me and to give me strength and to be my guide and I move forward in His task for my life... I am ALWAYS, and I mean that word ALWAYS amazed at how He gets past my fears and brings me to victory.
I pray the Lord helps me to grow... and to learn how to shut down my fears faster each time to get to the task at hand and obey the One who will bring me on an amazing journey that will be perfectly His no matter what the outcome looks like to my earthly eyes.
The Mama

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