The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Joe's Art: Mixed Emotions

For those of you who know my son Joe, Art is kind of his thing. The thing about his art, though, is many people see it as dark. Really, Aaron and I have had our moments of concern because of the depths of the darkness he creates. For me, I was mostly concerned when I saw bullet holes with blood dripping down... WHAT? He doesn't play "shoot-um-up" games, we don't let them watch shows with shooting etc... So, it is sometimes hard for me to grasp where it all comes from. I'm sure he sees some from school influences etc.

Sometimes, though, I can look at his work and see his heart. If not his heart, I can see his mind and the struggles of a little man trying to grow up and learn how to socialize etc. It's tough to know exactly how to "blog" what it is I am thinking because I know Joe can pick up my blog book and read it whenever he wants. Basically, I know life can be really tough on a 9 year old, and when I saw this drawing it touched my heart. If I asked him, he'd probably say it has nothing to do with how he feels etc... but in my heart I know it's the expression of an inward struggle and I'm so thankful he has art as an outlet.

I'm working really hard as his mom to build him up. To help the smiley face overtake the struggling one, and to remind him HE is EXACTLY who God has made him to be and we will work together when it's tough. When you see Joe, I hope you'll join me in building him up and encouraging him! Every child has their struggles and every single one needs to hear they are loved, they are good, they are EXACTLY who God made them to be, and they can keep on growing and learning how to be the person they are meant to be!