The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Matthews Easter Decorations

Super Cute but takes up Super space... So off into picture land they go! :) I'm thankful is good about letting go, because his teacher is REALLY great about making a ton of cute stuff! We show it off here at the house for a while and off to picture land it goes.

Be Kind...

My eyes water up EVERY TIME! I love my boy's heart to bless those in need. Joe said, "How could anybody pass him without being kind?" <3

Do you remember these? We are playing,"whoever catches it get a turn!" So funny.

Joe's Plea on Matthew's behalf

Joe wrote a note to help Matthew... But they didn't tell us they put it under Matthews pillow. Lol (he said he wanted to do it in SoCal). So, there was no money... but there was a really fun note from the tooth fairy when we got back from SoCal... Matthew had lost his tooth under the couch, so the tooth fairy put an envelope with $2 in it and told Matthew, "Next time don't hide your tooth please!" It worked out so fun!

Matthew, Mojave & Teagan...

Matthew, with Mojave the tortoise and Teagan (the girl he kind of has a tiny crush on!) He was sitting with Mojave and I said, "Matthew do you want a picture with him?" When he said yes, Teagan slid right over to be a part. I'm pretty sure he was SO happy! :)