The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's the day After Christmas and all through the house...

The morning has come and even with ALL the excitement of yesterday, my boys STILL did not sleep in! ha ha ha My husband, on the other hand, is in bed sick. I'm sick in my heart that he is having to deal with being sick on yet another holiday. Thanksgiving was pretty much horrible with ALL of us sick, and now Aaron is under the weather again. Darn it!

The boys... well, they both came out of their rooms with Pillow Pets in hand. I'm currently holding "Puppy Pillow Pet" for Matthew, so he can go potty. I'm not allowed to kiss him, because I might make him dirty... and as I gave Puppy the required hug for babysitting rights, Matthew also used his hands in hugging motion with out even realizing he was doing it. Before he would leave to potty, he "tickled" his pillow pet and said, "Goochy Goochy Goo."

Joe is in the playroom, the race track is going in full motion. He's used pieces of cardboard from his Christmas presents to add tunnels... I hear the "thump thump thump" of the cars going through the motorized parts and the giggle of my happy boy. Joe is hoping the sun will come out today because I told him I would take him to the big wide open park to fly his new helicopter if it did.

Today is a day of cleaning and packing, cuz tomorrow we leave for Kingsburg and Sonoma. I'm so excited to see my family! Here are some of the pictures both from going to our churches Christmas Eve service and from our Christmas day! Nana and Papa came to the service with us and spent the night to enjoy Christmas with us too!! So much fun!

They never new a snowflake could be so big!

Mr Personality lately! Little goofball.

He was standing on a rock, ready to JUMP!


He was DONE...the second he saw it! In Heaven!

Joe wanted this track SO BADLY!

We are LOVING his new thumb action on "Mine."

He sat in there to open some presents. Goofy Boy.

The boxes were the favorite new thing! ha ha ha

I LOVED watching his Jump Shots!

Joe & Papa shootin some Hoops!

Merry Christmas with so much love, from the Jackson family!

Friday, December 24, 2010

I saw this on someone's facebook and I was just seriously impressed with the patience it had to have taken to figure this out! Merry Christmas!!

*★Merry★* 。。★Christmas★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˚* _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•*/______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• | 田田|門| from Our House to Yours!

Having fun with some costumes a friend gave us!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm so Thankful...

As this year comes to an end, and I know my 2010 "Blog Book" will be printed... I can't end it with out sharing my heart of thankfulness.

This year has not been an easy one. I started the year, still employed by Nebo Tools. I was making 50-100 calls a day, trying to sell flashlights to people around the country. That job alone is not easy, but throw in a then 4 and 2 year old and I was almost in tears each night with the pressure. Aaron had told me to quit, but I just felt the need to help provide financially so I held on and held on. I began to pray more about if I should quit or not. I knew, in the deepest part of my heart, I should...but I was scared. I went to my Mom's group: Mom2Mom at Crossroads Church and heard some older women talk to the group of us young moms. One lady said, "If you feel like you should be home, pray about it...If you STILL feel like you should be home, trust God." WOW... I hadn't realized until that very second that I wasn't trusting God with this matter and with our family's income. My heart was broken, and I called my manager on the way home from the meeting and quit. Right there, on the spot. She asked me, "When do you want to be done?"  I said, "NOW!" ha ha ha (and that wasn't a burden to the company, and I did help tie up any loose ends, just to be clear.) Occasionally I still get a call from a store who is trying to order... and I pass that on with a smile, knowing it'll make the day of the girl who now has my database and is making her 50-100 calls a day!

When I quit, the Lord DID provide. I quit in May, and we almost didn't even SEE Aaron from then until November because of all the work he had. That was something I had to learn to be thankful for. My now 5 and 3 year olds are still not a walk in the park, even though I don't have a ton of calls to make! ha ha ha It's been a process for me to learn to be thankful when Aaron is out of town for work. I am, though, thankful when we are blessed with income, especially in this economy.

This year, my family had to say goodbye to Donny, which was one of the first blogs I wrote. That was heart wrenching and still brings me to uncontrollable wet eyes just at the thought of him. I've also had to learn to be thankful there. I'm thankful Donny is out of pain and helping the Lord to prepare the best place for the rest of my family who join him. If there were one family member who would do that job best, it IS after all, Donny. I'm thankful, before he went to be with Jesus, he poured his knowledge of nutrition into me and I'm so thankful for that... and I'll be even more thankful when I use it! ;) Having to let go of Donny on this earth REALLY helped me to be thankful for my boys. To be thankful for their health, and to try to grow as a mom and build them up as young men.

I sit here now, with a month of financial struggle, not so much work, and little things all over the place seeming to break all at once. Aaron and I talked about how little things are probably always breaking, but when the work is good the little things don't matter so much... you just fix them. It's these months when work hasn't come, that the little things build up and I struggle not to fear how it will all get taken care of. Our dryer broke (praise the Lord, Aaron took it apart and fixed it after buying a $20 part!), my windshield has a pretty bad crack (but praise the Lord it's on the passenger side and can wait), my blender just stopped working and I make the boys smoothies all the time (but praise the Lord Costco took it back even though I don't even REMEMBER when we bought it, and I was able to get a new one!), the driver's side window rolled down the other day, but then it wouldn't roll up (but Praise the Lord Aaron took it apart, figured out what was broke and we have the new part...$50 instead of the $35-450 the dealership wanted)... You can see all the little things that have built up, and that's not even all of them for this month... BUT PRAISE THE LORD that they have because I'm getting to see Him come through for us with blessings from others and giving Aaron the wisdom to know how to tackle some of the problems on his own.

This is just not an "easy" time (if those even exist)... but I just wanted to express that I'm SO THANKFUL! I'm so thankful when times are hard because it brings us to our knees and we get to feel the strength of our Father picking us up again.  I love the song, "God will make a way, when there seems to be no way. No matter what you're going through, God will make a way for you."... IT IS TRUE!!!

For anyone who may have actually read this far on this particular blog... thank you. I'm blessed with compassionate friends and a family that is so steadfast I have no doubt they are with me. God will make a way and my eyes fill with tears in knowing, that is true... no question about it, and I'm just so thankful.

I pray your family is blessed with an amazing Christmas this 2010 year, and that all of our eyes are opened to His way and His heart for our lives and our moments in time.... Nicole

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

18 or Older...

Joe just walked in, "They said you have to be 18 or older to order Bendaroos, it was just an accident I got them early." I said, "I'm 18 or older and I ordered them." He said, "Oh wow, you only have 2 more months until you are 20...18, 19, 20!" lol So cute.

Joe's Friend Sleeps Over!!

Joe and Jackson have been friends since before they knew it. Their dads have been friends almost since they were their age... aka: A LONG time! (love ya babe)... We knew the day would come for a sleepover, but just hadn't planned for it. The Duncans were coming over for dinner and Joe says, "Hey, I have a sleeping bag, so Jackson could spend the night!?!"  Aaron and I looked at each other and came to the conclusion Joe was right. Jackson COULD sleep over, now WOULD he?  Aaron gave them a call and Jackson made the decision that he would! Both boys were SO excited. As Jackson packed up his bag with his mom, they had no idea that Joe had the same pajamas. They LOVED matching!

When it came time to sleep, Joe's room freaked Jackson out a bit. There are hundreds of glowing stars on the ceiling and hanging glow in the dark planets. Jackson said, "Nicole, could you please leave the door open just a little bit so I can see the light and know I'm not REALLY in space?" Ha ha ha, so cute!

So, with the door slightly open and the two munchkins in their beds, I walked out fully aware that they were NOT going to sleep! Although I knew they wouldn't, I didn't expect the mayhem that was soon to follow. I kind of thought they would stay in their beds and giggle and talk their way to sleep. Not so much. We heard the pounding of little feet and had to go get them back in bed... about 5 times. Then, the giggling would grow louder than a quiet giggle... the whole house heard full on laughter. Laughter IS cute, but when it gets to be 11:00PM... not so much. Ha ha ha

Aaron went in and did the scary dad, "IT IS TIME FOR SLEEP NOW!" move and we fully expected sleep to soon follow. Again, not so much. Finally, at midnight, I decided to go to sleep. This was Jackson's first sleep over anywhere, so I had wanted to stay awake until I knew he was asleep and comfortable. As I tiredly made my way up the stairs at midnight, I STILL heard giggling from Joe's room! Crazy boys!

Much to my dismay, Matthew still woke up at 6:30... Joe woke up at 7:20 (in a MOOD I might add)... and Jackson slept till 9!!! Joe had a hard time learning how to see what his friend wanted to do, instead of demanding his friend comes to do what HE wants to do. It's normal for the age, but it's tough for the Mama! lol  Here are some pictures from their first sleepover!! (I should add, the two little brothers were SO SAD they couldn't have a sleep over!)

I told them to show me what it will look like when they are sleeping. ;)

Playing Computer games in the Morning.

Divine Justice

I was standing in the kitchen, working on cleaning up the dishes from the night before as Matthew sat on the couch to watch a show that he liked. He had asked me for his typical morning chocolate milk, so I took a second to make it. As I was walking away, I mentioned something about a show and he, with a grouchy rude face, made some comment back to me like, "No, you're Wrong." Now, I could have corrected that little attitude, but a moment of "Divine Justice" (that's what I'm calling it) came about. Just after he tried to be so cool and rude with his quick remark back, he brought his cup up to his mouth to try to take a drink... and it slipped and fell into his lap. I, never having gotten upset, said, "Ohhhh, Good one Slick."... And we both laughed. Now that I'm typing that out, it doesn't sound so funny... But, you had to see his face with such attitude and the way he just thought he was Mr Big Man... and the drop of a cup was a humbling blow...especially to a boy who is typically nice anyway and was just testing out the attitude moves!  Anyway, I enjoyed it and I'll enjoy the memory when I read this again in my blog book! ha ha ha

Credit Card Death...

The moments where Joe sounds like a tiny guy are becoming very seldom, so when it happens... It makes my heart smile. He's watching some cartoons, listening to the rain, and a commercial for debt consolidation comes on (why they have CC commercials for my kids, I don't know and don't like)...  He yells out to me, "Mama, they just said they'd help us with Credit Card Death!"

Ha ha ha... I love it.

Matthew has been very affected by TV Ads lately too. There is one in particular where, if you buy the big cupcake baking pan, they will give you some cookies cutters "For Free!"... Matthew runs up to me and said, "Mama, they said those are FREE...would you tell them I want it?" .... Now, do you know how many commercials offer something "For Free???" ha ha ha

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Something I Wrote...

I was just doing some "cleaning out" on my laptop and came across some things I wrote. This one that I'm going to share, brought me to tears in re-reading it and feeling the emotions I felt when I wrote it... I always struggle with self condemnation and not feeling good enough or beating myself up for my weaknesses (which tend to just make me fall more into my weaknesses)... Anyway, I thought I would share:

Nicole 4/23/10

If I never felt like a failure, could I ever truly be a success?
If I never felt disappointment, could I understand victory?
Why, though, is it the thing I want the greatest success in; I feel like the greatest failure?
How do I learn to push aside myself to be able to grasp victory?
Will I ever learn?
How can I be expected to teach that which I have not accomplished?
Is there ALWAYS grace?...?
Can I feel defeated every day and continue to try?
Can I have success even though I feel like a failure?
Does trying and failing give me points towards the goal?
If I fail in the same way every day, does that make me a failure?
Can I remember today that I’m human?
What does a “sound mind” really look like?
Are too many questions about failure a sign to me?
Overcomer… Passionate… Joyful… Strong, can those describe ME?
Have I passed the point of my human breaking point to jump into His arms?
Has He ever… I mean EVER let me down?... “selah”
What HAS washed away my sins?
What HAS made me whole within?
Can I truly come to Him with anything… everything?
Nothing scares Him?
Nothing makes Him want to run away from me?
Knowing He knew I’d struggle, He knew I’d feel my pain of failure, He knew I could never truly accomplish the greatness I wish I could because I’m human and He loved me enough to create me and desire me… Can that be enough for me?
The End.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Our MUD Day!!

It was 30 minutes before time to pick up Joe. I could tell Matthew had some energy to burn, and Joe ALWAYS has energy to burn. Aaron is helping someone today and will not be home until their bedtime or after. So, I know it was either burn them out or get burnt out by the end of the night! ha ha ha

The only problem is, it's raining. So, my instant thought was, "The park is out." Adding to that, I am not spending any money this month on fast food playground adventures. So, I ponder, what to do, what to do? Then it hit me, is the park REALLY out?

I went upstairs to get clothes on that I wasn't concerned about getting dirty. I got Matthew a pair of sweats to put over the long sleeved long legged jammies he was already wearing. I grabbed Joe's rain boots, and Matthews oldest shoes. Got Joe some sweatpants and grabbed an armful of towels.

When we picked up Joe, he couldn't imagine why I was telling him to take his shoes and his pants off! Matthew was giggling because he knew the surprise!  Finally, as Joe was putting his rain boots on, it hit him, "We're going to get WET!" Matthew couldn't handle it anymore, "Joe we are going to the PARK!" I giggled at this point, sensing their excitement. Joe was still a bit confused as the rain drizzled on the windshield (We did all this in the school parking lot).

We get to the park, I get myself out, with my camera in the bag and ready for some action. I open their door and ask them to get out. Joe's still a little baffled. I said, "Ok boys, you are allowed to get as dirty as you'd like!" Joe's face lit up (I should have had the camera ready for THAT!). I took over 100 pictures, but here are just a few from our adventure today!

Joe made a big splash right at the start, that got Matthew all covered in mud!

Their fingers were starting to get frozen, and the rain was starting to come down harder... so we headed home. Luckily, there was no battle because they both needed to go potty! ha ha ha

I got them stripped down to underpants in the back of my van, in their seats and home. Once we got home... a nice long shower for the two of them gave me some more minutes of peace! I feel proud... I burnt them out and I had fun doing it!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Joe couldn't find a "C"

I noticed Joe studying the fridge and all of the magnets. He really wanted to spell Rock, but couldn't find the C. I walked by a while later and saw this. SO CUTE! I love the way he thinks sometimes.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Growing Roots...

I've been in an interesting struggle between being very thankful and trying to fight off discouragement. When I read this verse this morning, I realized there are some roots in my life that need to grow deeper. One of the things that are difficult for me in that is, those roots are the ones that take self discipline. There are times when I have wished that someone could force me to do the things I don't naturally want to do. The two things that come to mind are: Reading my Word more, and losing weight. Both of those things take me putting in time and effort and self discipline. I lack. I want to grow those roots. I am thankful, I am so thankful for all of the blessings in my life and for the Lord who loves me as I grow. I am thankful for my little family, even when things are tough and even when I don't see the way out. I'm thankful for the struggles that are at war within me because the Bible says to

Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds,
 for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.
 And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be
perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. (James 1:2-4)

I know I'm not alone in my struggle... but I know there are plenty of people who do FEEL alone in a struggle like mine. I feel blessed to have the ability to share where I am not strong... I do not struggle with pride in that area and I feel that is a blessing because I LOVE helping others through their struggles too. So, if you're weak like me... let's grow roots!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How Proverbs 11:25 hit home for me today...

*sigh* Today has been a tough day. Joe woke up on "the wrong side of the bed," and hasn't quite recovered from it yet. When I picked him up from school, his teacher released him last because she needed to explain to me how today was NOT a good day for Joe at school. Aaron and I both had to take the time to walk Joe through discipline and lessons on respecting his elders.

Aaron has been dealing with Strep Throat. He just got back from 3 days on the road for work with strep throat. He's not feeling great, but he jumped right in with me to get Joe into shape. Then, as I sat with Joe, helping him write, "I will not talk back" over and over... Aaron started to clean my kitchen. Dishes that I had been too overwhelmed from all the sickness to tackle. Dishes that were glaring at me and making me feel less then effective in my home, yet I still couldn't bring myself to do them. He did them.

Then, as I got the kids in their beds for nap, I came to my office to read some of Proverbs. Aaron was packing up to run some errands. It didn't sound right in the garage. I knew something was up, but I had no idea what he was doing. I kind of assumed he was fixing a sprinkler or something in the yard.

As he was outside doing whatever he was doing, I was reading. I read Proverbs 11:25 (among others! lol)

A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.

Just after reading that, my husband came walking in. His hands were covered in engine grease. I'm thinkin he fixed something on his truck, but I ask him what's up?... Turns out, there was an older lady outside who's car wouldn't start. Aaron went over because she thought she needed her car to be jumped. He brought his truck over and was going to jump start her car, when he saw that the battery had come completely disconnected. He ran in and got a tie down to secure her battery properly and reconnected the battery for her. To him, it wasn't much... but to her, he refreshed her with kindness and taking care of something that she could not have done herself.

Right now, I am praying for my husband. As he drives away to take care of errands, I pray he is refreshed. I know God's Word does not have to come to pass in OUR timing, but it says that he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. Aaron lightened my load today and refreshed me with a clean kitchen... and then he fixed a car. If you ran into him today with a need, he'd help.

My eyes just filled with tears. (and not just because of the pink eye!)

This life is not easy, this economy is not easy, and the almost month of sickness our family has been under has not been easy... but my husband is still reaching out to refresh others and I am very thankful for him today and the kind heart God has placed in him. I am thankful for Prov 11:25 and the fact that the Lord showed me this today and helped me appreciate the man he has blessed me with...and that I now KNOW, Aaron WILL be refreshed... and I LOVE that!

Being a mom of boys...

I was driving in the car with Matthew yesterday. We had the music going loud and we were both "bouncing" our heads... All of the sudden, he said, "Mama, could you turn the music down please?"... Now, typically, that means they have something to say. This time, it meant something different. He burped. Then he said, "Thank you, I wanted to hear my burp, you can turn it up again!" It cracked me up... He wasn't joking, he just really matter of factly wanted to hear his burp! I wonder if he was pleased with it, I should have asked! ha ha ha

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I don't like Cheerios Anymore...

Recently, Aaron has been having funny feelings in his a heavy heartbeat. It's been a cause of concern for him and I've noticed some changes in his eating. His "snack of choice" at night has been Cheerios, instead of ice cream! ha ha ha The only problem with this is, he left the container of Cheerios on his table when he was done. The boys found them tonight, while I had them set up watching a movie in "our living room." (there is a kids living/playroom and an adult one with the big screen)... While I was in the other room getting things done, they decided to open the container and have a snack.

The snack turned into "Plates" (coasters) with Cheerios on them. That turned into "Oops, my plate fell over." That went on to become, "dumping the whole thing out sounds like fun!"  Before I realized what was going on, there were Cheerios everywhere. Their little feet have carried them through the house now.  Here are some pics from THAT adventure!

 This picture only shows Joe, but he was NOT the only culprit!
 I love the Cheerios in his TOES! There are areas where he ground it into the carpet.

Yes, Even in the Entertainment center!! Grrr

Under the Christmas tree... Under the couches... Over by the door.

Special Times...

Joe had just woken up and I just wanted to treasure a moment with his sweet round face... I know it is going to turn "manly looking" way too fast!

Desk Diving...

OK, so my boys have a habit of overreacting when something goes wrong. Tonight, I was trying to get something done in the office and I heard Joe scream. A scream of over reaction and a scream that easily gets me on edge and annoyed because there is NO NEED. This time, I decided to trick him. As he comes running to the office, I dove under that section of my desk and hid from the door area.  (pretend my desk is perfectly clean!) ;)

He came running to the office door with a FULL scream. As soon as he got there and saw my empty chair... he got quiet. He turned around and quietly walked away to tell Matthew, "Mama is gone." I jumped silently back into my chair to greet them when Matthew came to see for himself!

That was FUN! ha ha ha

The Grinch

Joe was in his room, but did not actually go to sleep at nap time today. He came proudly downstairs to show me a Lego "Buzz lightyear spaceship" he had made. I admired the details with him, told him it was cool and then said, "but you didn't sleep bud."

He responded, "but i promise i wont be a Grinch."

Sometimes his mind just makes me smile! :)

Messed up boy...

I brought the boys to Target today. Joe saw a dime on the ground and wanted it so badly. I wouldn't let him get it because i didn't want to chance anymore germs! Another little boy walked by, about the same age as Joe, and didn't pick it up. Joe said, "He must be a really messed up boy, cuz he didn't pick up that dime!" Ha ha ha

In the last three weeks, our family has been through: Cough (Joe),Pneumonia (Matthew), Strep (Aaron and Matthew), Ear Infection (Matthew), Wheezing lung (Matthew), Sinus Infection (Joe), and this morning... I woke up with PINK EYE! I am smiling as I type that, amazingly enough. I am incredibly thankful that Pink Eye is the thing I got out of that list! Ha ha ha I could not have handled the exhaustion and all the help the three of them needed if I had gotten sick like they were. When I woke up this morning and I couldn't open my right eye, I literally laughed. I sorta knew "my time would come" once everyone started to get better... but I'd much rather have pink eye then strep, FOR SURE! My God has been gracious to me in protecting my exhausted body that should have very well been susceptible to ALL of those things with my level of exhaustion! I praise Him for strength and Joy during these weeks!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fevers are on the loose...

Joe just walked up to me and said, "I'm freezing like if I were naked in the snow!"... I was pretty impressed with his ability to make it seem very REAL with his description! I think we have a writer on our hands people!

Side note: We've had a tough few weeks here in the Jackson household. It started with Joe getting a cough, then he got better but Matthew got the cough. Matthew wanted to "1-up" Joe and turned it into Pneumonia. Then, just to make sure he got all the sympathy, he added in strep throat and an ear infection! Right when both the boys were seeming to be on the road to being better, DADA got strep throat! So, I had 3 guys with fevers in my house. I think we are all on the road to improvement, but I'm one tired Mama! I'm so thankful I did not get sick with them and I'm thankful for these "Freezing like naked in the snow" moments that have brought me joy in my journey! I love the Lord in His special ability to nudge us along when we start to feel like we could just collapse!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oak Glen 2010

Each year, about this time, we go to Oak Glen. We've gone to the same tree each year since 2005 to take our family picture. It all began with this one:
Since then, we've gone each year, and I love it. This year, the time has gotten away from us. We typically go on Oct/Nov and December is already here! The only problem with today being The Day, is that Dada is really sick and Joe also started to complain about not feeling so great. He was not his usual "ham" self for the pictures. Nonetheless, I think we got some really great shots! Enjoy:


 I love the shots that aren't "perfect"...they are real.

 My favorite place in the whole world...

 Nana was our family photographer! I'm so thankful she was able to join us. I would have asked a stranger to take our picture, but it turned out there were NO other people there! Ha ha ha

This is my favorite "Brothers" shot.

 Handsome...just handsome.

 I love the strength of a Father leading his children...this type of shot is always a favorite for me.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Joe's Annoyance...

I'm sitting here in the office, which is right next door to the playroom. Joe just finished his homework so he's sitting to enjoy a snack and some tv. A commercial came on for a temperpedic bed. They kept saying, "Ask me why it..." and they'd say something, then "ask me....."...... "Ask me....." I hear Joe's little voice, with a little bit of attitude thrown in, "What's so GREAT about it?"

It's funny to me for a couple of reasons. The attitude cracked me up, because he was obviously annoyed by them continuing to say "ask me" in the commercial. Plus, the fact that he's still small enough to "talk to" the tv like that.

Sometimes, because Joe is so smart and understands so much, I forget how little he is. It's these little moments where he does such a tiny guy thing that reminds me what a special time in his life I'm living in!

**Excuse me while I walk away from the computer and go enjoy some tv with my little boy!**

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jackson Family Thanksgiving...

Here are some pictures from our night of fun!

Dinner Time!!! It was so good!
 Nana and Papa got the boys some new Small Paul Jammies!
 That old Santa has been in my family, at the family cabin, for YEARS... probably since I was as small as my boys...maybe longer. We've loved inheriting him!
 Joe decided to decorate the tree.... and Papa. (Poor Papa)

 This is my favorite pic of Lynne and Aaron because she just looks like a proud Mama.
 "Lift me up Dada, Lift me UP!" He was SOOO excited to be the one to put the Angel on the tree!
 Joe... thinkin he's catching up to Papa!
 Matthew...stretching as far as he can!
 I LOVED this shot of their feet. That's Matthew's little toes... I wonder if they'll be as big as Papa's someday.
It was GREAT to finally have the Thanksgiving meal together! I'm so thankful for our family. Both my side of the family and Aaron's are just amazing... we're blessed beyond belief by the strength of character and depth of relationship with the Lord that our parents have. No matter how tough the economy is, or this life is in one way or another... our God is good and we're rich beyond our wildest dreams!