The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Joe's Big Embarrassing Moment!

There is SO MUCH I could say right now about the incredible time I had with Joe yesterday! He woke up and got himself all dressed for school. He walked in to me with a proud face, ready for me to tie his shoes! For our whole walk to school he was a nice guy, the teacher told me he had a great day at school... He was just a great little boy ALL DAY... So, when I picked him up from school (and Nana had Matthew)... We drove straight to Disneyland! =) Our annual passes run out in Oct and I am a full time MOM!!! now, so we wont be buying them again... SOOO, we want to USE THEM UP until they end!

Joe and I had packed our own food and brought his homework. We got there about 12 and rode some rides and had some fun and then took a break to do homework and eat. Joe had fruit snacks and while he was eating them I made him laugh... he had a chunk of fruit snack fall out of his mouth and on to his hand. Now THAT is not the embarrassing part. Before I could hand him a napkin, he said, "EWWWW" and flicked the sticky/wet piece of fruit snack. I hear, "AHHH" next to me from a woman's voice. I look over to see Joe's chunk of fruit snack stuck on her hand! HA HA HA HA... I couldn't help it, I laughed.

Amidst my chuckle I profusely apologized, as did Joe. Luckily, the woman was also a mom of two young boys and handled it pretty well! She said she completely understood and it will probably happen to her sometime! Joe was hiding his face! HA HA HA  THAT doesn't happen very often.

What I thought was sweet... A minute later as Joe was being a gentleman and taking all of our trash to the garbage, he walked by her and said, "I'm really sorry." I didn't ask him to... he just did it. That was a sweet moment for this Mama's heart. =)

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  1. That is HILARIOUS!! Ha ha... O man, I could see the whole thing - his face did turn red, right? That poor lady, but thankfully she handled it well. How NEAT to ride some rides, break for homework... I wish we could do our homework at Disneyland! =)