The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Joe's Wii, Mii incident...

Today, while at my sister's house with Joe, we had a little incident. Joe was playing Christina's Wii, and decided to create some new "Mii's." Next thing I know, I looked over and saw this. My first reaction was a giggle, which I quickly had to contain so I could explain to Joe how the man's name was inappropriate. (This is his spelling for, "BottomHead.") Oh the joys of being a mom of boys!

Doing Homework

Matthew has been in his "Jump Start Kindergarten" now for almost two weeks. It's helping him get used to school by going 3 hours a day, instead of the 6 hours that a regular day will be. He doesn't have homework every night, but he's had a few nights worth. Tonight, I was watching his little hand doing his work (with an extra large pencil for learning)... and I just had to bust out my camera. Look at the concentration... and the use of tongue! :) (Not to mention THOSE EYELASHES! Handsome boy!)

(Always a ham! ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Piece of Advice...

I just gave a friend a piece of advice when someone had spread a rumor she was unhappy about. I want to add the advice I gave her to my blog for my boys to read in the future.
Boys... When someone does you wrong, or speaks ill against you, it's not always best to go on the attack to "fix it." Sometimes it's best to take a deep breath and know the Holy Spirit is much stronger than their tongue or their words; and He is forever at bat for you. Before you act, stop... breath... think... pray... then call me or Dad and ask if what you're thinking about doing is wise! LOL

Here's the advice... I'd say "take it or leave it" but you're my sons and I'm telling you to take it!

I read something recently that I loved... "You don't have to attend every argument you're invited to." Revolutionary. Let the mouth be the mouth and let the truth speak for itself... cuz you don't want to be a mouth too! ;)  Not sure if that applies to your current situation, but it's good truth either way! :)

Inevitably, you'll jump before thinking more times than you'll like to talk about through out life... and we'll still love ya, but the more you learn to wait, pray, think and call me to see if it's wise, the less foot eating you'll do or guilt that you'll feel. It's truth, but just as you touched the Electrical Fence yesterday (Joe)... you'll test it. Good luck with that. I love you.

Choose one: started picking pieces from each.

"Matthew, you need to pick one or the other."
"Ok Mama, I went one of the orange fishes, the shark, and that red angry bird."
He thought he could pick and choose certain things out of each box that he wanted. :)
The outcome: Mama picked the Angry Birds game as my pick of the day... ya know, so we could have a family game time at the table. Matthew picked the shark and fish so he can use it to swim in Nana's pool when we visit. :) I guess I'm a sucker for his sweet face.

Matthew's First Signature...

Today, in Matthew's Jumpstart kindergarten class, he wrote his name for the first time unassisted on a piece of school work. I was sitting there and, of course, had to take pic! His school write in "DeNelian" writing, so it is supposed to have the little loops at the end. Take notice of his "h," because he went back and specifically added the "Loop" to that one! So cute. :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Karate Question...

We were at a party this past weekend, with a Karate theme. They brought older Karate students to teach the younger boys some moves. As the older guys got in their car to drive away, Joe looked at me and quietly asked, "Did they just drive here all the way from CHINA?!?"

Oh how I love the quesitons that remind me how young they still are! When parents of older kids tell me, "You'll miss this," I know I truly will miss the innocent questions and observations... Not sure about the tantrums and "You're ruining my whole day." :)
(Notice, the guy is not Chinese. lol)

I loved finding this in Joe's writing journal today...

End of year classwork came home recently. I flipped through Joe's classroom writing journal and found this. "I am thankful for... God's family, my family, the zoo, and my life!!!"

Praise the Lord... things ARE sinking in! :) Sometimes, with young boys, it's kind of hard to feel like they are thankful for anything. Lately, it seems like, "You're making my day horrible" is the new cool phrase. So, finding this in the journal he wrote at school blessed my heart.

He thinks I look like a weirdo...

Joe and I like to try on glasses sometimes. He thought he looked awesome, but very matter of factly told me I looked like a weirdo. :) Fun with my Son!

Spidey(s) Ran Errands With me...

The boys and I needed to run some errands, and they decided it was a good idea to go as Spidermen. Loving that they are still little enough to want to do that, I happily agreed it was probably a good idea.  We went to 3 different towns and about 5 different stores, and finally at the last one, we saw these $1 Spiderman masks! Masks & Slurpee's were the reward for good Spidey behavior all day!

"Mama, Why did God give you....."

Oh my sweet Matthew, the questions you ask me lately have been making my heart smile.

Today, the boys were outside playing and I just knew (by the giggles I heard through the wall) that something wasn't quite right. When they both came in with an "I've been up to something" grin... I asked. They lied. I don't remember the lie, or the truth, but I remember the quivering lip and the wandering eyes telling that the truth was being hidden from me. They tried to present the lie again, so I said, "God gave me the ability to know when you are lying, so I suggest you tell the truth before there are harsh consequences for being dishonest." The truth was told.

A bit later, Joe came in after having touched the electric fence the neighbors put in to keep the cows from getting out again... which I had informed him was electric, but apparently he didn't believe me. He tried to say, "I fell down the hill into the fence," but I am sure that is pretty much impossible... which lead me to another conversation about knowing when they are lying.

As Joe went out to play, Matthew was helping me clean up some toys. He said, "Mama, why did God give you all the special stuff?" I asked him what he meant. "Well, you know... the eye in the back of your head, really really good hearing, and the way to know when we are lying."

I smiled and told him, "God gave me all the special super Mama abilities because He knew I needed to raise you guys to be good boys. There is no way I could be the Mama you need me to be if I didn't have God's help with some special abilities sometimes."

He smiled. I love those moments with my boys.