The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Joe's Desire for Heaven...

Joe just told me that he hopes he gets to be a child when we go to Heaven... because he'd hate to get to such a great place and not be able to play like a kid. lol Oh my boy. He went on to tell me that he's going to have a surprise for me when I get there... and then paused and said, "Hmmm, wait a minute, you're going to die first." lol I hope so son... but I'll be waiting for my surprise when we're both there!

Aww, my favorite of his art so far! :)

It says, "I Luve you" and then a line down to the bottom that says, "Mama".... or, I can open the flap and it says, "I love you mama." SO cute! Thanks Joe, I love you too!

I LOVE this kind of stuff! :)

"A turtle moved slow in the rain forest to get bananas."
Joe's classwork... gotta love it!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Joe's Latest Classwork!

He drew one "normal" bird... The others are shaped like Angry Birds. Lol

Little Matthew...

Matthew rode by me on the bike with his hands on the handlebars and his legs flung out to the sides, smiling, saying, "Look Mama No HANDS!" lol He has also been saying, "Shame Ol Shame Ol"... cuz he heard, "Same old same old" but didn't quite grasp it. I love the ways he shows how little he is. :)
(The picture is from Jacki & Charlie's 5th Birthday Super Hero party!)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Great Grandma Lu's Valentines...

The boys had a lot of fun this morning, opening up some Valentines that came in the mail from their Great Grandma Luella (We hadn't updated her with our new address, so they got lost in the mail for a bit... but, They MADE IT!). She handmade each one of them a special Valentine and they have decided they want to keep them forever! Thank You Grandma Lu!!

Joe HAD TO have a picture with the heart as his face. :).... Side Note: We found Matthew's 2t-3t turtle costume in one of the boxes we opened... I can't believe his bottom isn't sore from wearing it, because it does NOT fit anymore! lol That costume wins the award for most worn, probably in history!

Matthew's First Drawing of our Family...

When I picked Matthew up from Awana this week, he had drawn this picture. I think it is absolutely ADORABLE!! It is so fun seeing his skills start to grow. He doesn't draw all that often, but it seems I need to make that more available to him. :) It was "Crazy Hair Day" at school that day, so Joe's hair was blue. Matthew seemed to have been a bit jealous and drew his own hair blue as well. He also had some great plans for me as he said, "And Mama has a mohawk!"... When I asked him what happened to Dada's hair, he said, "Oh, he doesn't have any, he's still little." lol

Boys' Room Update!

Closet done, bunk bed done, Lego table in! :) I have an awesome husband! :) The boys' room is really coming together and I'm so thankful for how hard Aaron has worked on it! They have been sleeping great in their new bed, and enjoying having their own space (as we are enjoying have our own space back, after living in the same room with them for a while!) Ha ha

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Boy with the Issue of Spit...

Joe's spitting...

I'm always being reminded of the Lord and His relationship with me through my boys.

The other day, I had a plan in mind to take the boys to Chuck-E-Cheese's. During the morning, Joe decided it was a good idea to spit... and this had been a bit of an issue with him, so I knew I needed NOT to give him something fun like Chuck-E-Cheese's. I had a talk with him about it and let him know that I can't bring him somewhere that is a treat when he has not had the behavior to earn that good time. Of course, he was crushed (and displayed more behavior that wouldn't have earned it! lol)

When that moment with Joe was over, I thought. How many times has the Lord had something in mind for me that would BLOW MY MIND, but for one reason or another... I didn't choose His way and I Completely missed out. Sometimes, I'm sure it's a real blessing that I'm ignorant to it... or I might display behavior undeserving of a "treat" too! Ha ha It made me stop and think though... think about taking the time to know the Lord, to hear the Lord and to be patient for His direction in my life so that I can make it to Chuck-E-Cheese's and all the other great things He has in store for my life!

I know it's not always about us deserving it... but choosing His way for our life means so much!