The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012...

I just realized, it's 11:54 on New Year's Eve and I haven't done my "last entry" for the year. If I don't do it before the end of the year, when I go to print my blog book for the year... it wont be right! Ha ha

So, here I am, not feeling all that thought provoked, but wanting to put a cap on this year's blog book! I'm thankful for so many things, as always and this year has been pretty crazy. My business has grown and I have SO enjoyed learning and growing as a photographer. I've met so many fun families and gotten to be a part of making their memories.

This year..... Matthew started school. That is a big deal for so many reasons. He's our last, so it's the last time for this and that all the time. We're just about at the end of pullups at night too! Actually, he used the last one and didn't want me to buy more... so, my hope is that I've washed a wet bed for the last time too! Ha ha ha (Sorry buddy, when you're older that wont be funny to you, but it's my life right now!)

I'm thankful that we were able to pay off my heart medical bills, and even our credit cards! There's always something to pay, but it's fun to be able to say we've "paid off."

THE PRESSURE... I'm down to 3 minutes to finish! LOL

This year, we're looking forward to all that God has for us! We're looking forward to keeping the peace we love so much in our home and the joy in our boys' eyes! I love my man and my boys and I'm so thankful for the life God has blessed us with. It's not always easy, but I love the ones I'm walking this life with!

Ugh, I gotta go! Happy New Year!!!!!..... Nicole

Definition of Lazy Bones...

Matthew had a lazy day in his PJ's with "Chocolate" the cat. I laughed when I looked over and saw the cat laying on his back. These two were the perfect lazy pair today. :)

Battery Science...

Dada and Joe were enjoying some time working on Joe's new book about the energy science using batteries. It was a fun find at the Exploritorium. He ended up making a fan. :) Joe really enjoyed the time with Dad being scientists!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

"I couldn't help it."

Joe was up before the rest of us. He told me, "I couldn't help it, Mama!" My sweet boy has a sweet tooth. :)

Rainy day fun at Armstrong Redwoods!

We had a fun day visiting Armstrong Redwoods with Nana and Papa while they were visiting for Christmas! The boys and I happen to be wearing our rain boots and had fun stepping in just about every puddle. ;) I love adventures with my boys!

"What's that Mama?"

Matthew had no idea what "this machine" was! Aaron and I cracked up, and I had to snap a shot... of course!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Joe's Song...

Yesterday, on the way to school, I had KLOVE playing on the radio. Joe and I were talking about how he is struggling at recess and doesn't have many/any friends. He told me there are days when he just sits on the bench and waits for it to get over. MY. HEART. BROKE. I told him he should always share his struggles with Dada and I so we can pray with him and believe with him that God can change things. That night, he came happily walking into his room singing this song... He was singing:

"Your love never fails

it never gives up

it never runs out on me" (One Thing Remains by Jesus Culture)

It is true my sweet boy!!... Would you guys join me in praying that God changes things for my son at school please? Even if that means God moves Joe's heart to change behaviors, whatever it takes... Joe is strong willed and struggles to take "instruction" on how to make things better...So, I'm praying God allows me to just love him and HE will help change happen! Thanks for supporting my little buddy!! To hear the song that touched my boy's heart, click here:  I LOVE that it found a place in his heart and mind, the words are fantastic! :)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jaxbro Band...

A little Pandora on the computer and we have a band! I love Matthew's coffee can bongo drum! He was really "Gettin Down!" Joe is a mad guitar strummer too! Good times!

Learning what is ours is always His...and to bless others.

After church today, the boys and I were picking up a birthday present for a party we were attending for one of Joe's classmates.
As we were leaving, a lady approached me to ask for money. Now, I had just made Joe be very choosey with the gift because "we're working on a budget and God will bless us when we make the right choices."... (Go Dave Ramsey! lol)... Then, she approached me. I had the boys get in the car and get buckled up while I spoke with her a minute and gave her some of our cash. (Yes, I had just used some to pay in the store instead of just swiping my card... Go Dave Ramsey! lol)...
When I got in the car, it was a great lesson for my boys. Joe said, "Mama, God needs to bless us for saving our money....".... I asked him, "Joe, who provides money for our family?" He said, "God and Dada." (collective: Awwww)... I explained to him that Dada works very hard, but he wouldn't have any work if it weren't for God's blessings on our lives and that God provides for us all the time. I then said, "If I were Jesus and the lady asked me for help, what would I do?" Joe said, "Jesus would help."
I said, "Well, then, don't you think He'll be pleased that we've helped someone he loves and He'll continue to provide for our needs plus help us to have enough to give to others?"..... "Yes Mama." :) It was a special moment.
These are the moments I am SO thankful for, and treasure as a Mom. I'm getting to sow the seeds of godly character into their hearts and I pray the Lord waters those seeds and raises them to be excellent men after His heart.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Funny Convo with Big Mac...

Matthew: Why do cats always hunt?
Mama: Because they are hungry.
Matthew: By why don't they just go eat their catfood instead of blood inside of animals, that is SO gross!
It's the little moments and conversations like that, which make me heart smile. He said it so seriously, but his little voice still says, "I'm a child!" :)

What He's Lookin At...

I was just standing at the laundry machines switching from washer to dryer, while Matthew sat and looked at me. I used his favorite saying on him and said, "What are YOU lookin at?" He smiled and said, "Just your head." (I'm still in my robe with bed head and all... not feeling so hot this morning, but trying to do some cleaning before Dada gets home too!)... I said, "What about my head?" He says, "Well, it's just so puffy." Ha ha ha I love this boy.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Soon anybody won't recognize me and joe."

The last time we went to "Great Clips" for a haircut, the boys were each given their own comb. Joe has been enjoying using his comb to do his own hair (Side note: he has experimented with room spray as "gel."... He sprayed it on his head a bunch of times and then combed it... can I tell you... HE REAKED!)
Today, Joe went to comb his hair and Matthew asked if he could as well. I informed him that he does not ever have to ask for permission to comb his hair, and to go have fun... just don't get water all over the bathroom.
When he was done, Matthew came to me and said, "Soon anybody wont recognize me and joe." He thought, since he had combed his hair like Joe, that nobody would be able to tell them apart. :) So cute!
The only problem is (besides the fact they look different and we can obviously tell them apart)... is their hair is completely different. Joe's will easily comb to the side where Matthew's is like a brillo pad and only likes to go forward. He wants it to be "soft like Joe's." :)

"I Miss That Lil Face..."

While working on a picture project, I ran across this old shot. I sat here and looked at it and thought, "Man, I miss that lil face." It hit me like a ton of bricks that, in two more years, I'll look back on today's pictures and say, "Man I miss that little face." So, I thought I'd post the picture and send out a little reminder to the Mama's out there.... "Mama" is a super tough job, and I'll admit to sometimes letting the "tough" part of it take control in my mind instead of the blessing that it is. Today, this picture is my reminder (and you can borrow it if you need to) to ENJOY the day. Love these kiddos and make the most of "this face" today because it doesn't last. ;)

Friday, September 14, 2012

My heart...a moment of vulnerable struggle.

I've come to a decision. The saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is not true for me anymore. There is that moment when Aaron first gets home from a business trip where we are all excited to see him, there are hugs and kisses and watching my boys jump all over their Dada and ask him to "watch this" and "Push me on the swing." That moment, or those few moments, could never lose their specialness (is that a word?). My heart will always be excited to see him walk through the door, and I will always want to hug that man and kiss his face. :)

Tonight, my heart is struggling to feel any bit of any "fonder" in this absense. I couldn't love him more and missing him just hurts. You'd think, after almost 9 years of marriage and him almost always having a travelling job, that I'd be used to it. I'm not.  I don't know why my heart has struggled more today, but it has and sometimes I just have to express my struggle.

I'm strong and God made me to be who I am in this moment, the wife that I am to the husband that I have, and the mom that I am to the boys that I have. I always look to Him and tell Him that I trust His decision and I know He loves me and will make me able to fulfill what He's called me to.  I've been brought to tears tonight with a heart that has to pour out, I've had to come before the Lord and just tell Him, "I've come up empty tonight Lord, and if you want me to be able to fulfill what You have for me, I've got to feel you pour into my hurt and comfort me with the hope you offer our lives."

Earlier today I took a turn down a random road, because I had never driven it before, but I had seen it my whole life. I was actually feeling "at peace" and oddly joyful for no good reason except that I'm blessed. :) I know that tonight also, I'm blessed. I could list so many ways that I'm blessed and I do not want to downplay my thankfulness for all of the great things in my life. God is good to me, but sometimes an honest moment, no matter how blessed we are, to be able to say, "I NEED YOU LORD," even if it's just because I'm a whinny baby with my arms held high with no apparent injury or problem other than I just want to say...."Hold me." (Or, as Matthew used to throw up his arms and say, "Hold You.")

I don't know what our future holds. I don't know how long I'll have to be creative in helping distance make my heart grow fonder instead of "sadder." I think it's a really treasured gift, atleast to me, to find a person; a friend, who is willing to "Keep it real." This post is me, keeping it real. I can do this, but I don't like it, but I'm blessed, but I miss him, but I'm thankful although whinny, and just the sheer fact that I've poured it all out... let my tears roll... and allowed myself to be vulnerable with my reality, I feel better. I know the Lord can handle all of me (it's a TALL order, I'm so thankful He is BIG enough!)... *sigh*

Here's a picture I snapped during my drive in Sonoma today. I've really been enjoying the clouds lately, I've ALWAYS enjoyed a good barn, and the grapevines are really growing on me these days. :) (the coloring isn't showing up fantastic on this page, there's a metal barn/farm in there) ;)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Parenting Advice: GIRLFRIENDS!! Ack!

I just sent an e-mail out to a group of people who I thought would give me fun, unique, and diverse answers to a question. I decided to post my e-mail here (because it's going to be a fun thing to look back on) and I'll be editing this post later to add in some of the responses I get! Here's the e-mail (Sorry for those of you who got it AND get my auto blog e-mails!) Blog responses are welcome too! :)

Ok, so I'm sending this e-mail out to a group of people who I thought would give me a good response to a parenting question I have. :)
My sweet, wonderful and handsome Joe has come down with a disorder called: A GIRLFRIEND! lol
He is in 2nd grade, her name is Stella, and "He protects her." I started to hear about Stella just after school started. There was a day when Joe noticed a child who had nobody to play with, so he decided to go play with her. Stella, thought it was a great idea too, and came to help in Joe's cause for the good. It began there. I'll give it to him, that's a good reason to like a girl. :)
Since then, I've heard "Stella this" and "Stella that," and he even pointed her out to me as she danced down the street with her dad after school. He proudly wanted me to see her. This was before he mentioned any "girlfriend" business.
Yesterday, Rick picked the boys up from school for me and had some fun time with them. Joe informed Rick that he got a kiss from a girl that day, and that she "Like Likes" him... "Not just Likes, but more than that, Like Likes." :) He later told me about the "Like" part, but not the kiss! LOL (smart boy) He told me that he and Stella talked about it, and she informed him that she used to have a boyfriend, but now HE is her boyfriend and he let her know he "like likes" her too.
I started to talk to him about how I love to hear about him being kind to others, even making best friends and protecting girls... but that he's too young to have a "Girlfriend." Now, for any of you who have met Joe for 2 seconds, you know he was NOT going to have that response! lol So, with Aaron out of town until Thursday, I was able to say, "Well, we'll have to talk with Dada about that when he gets back."
Sooo... this leads me to ask for advice! This is the first time it hasn't been "fluffy"... meaning, they all say "Girlfriend" in kindergarten etc (Matthew has one too)... but Joe is now talking about kissing (which Rick said he demonstrated on the cheek!)... And he's talking about their discussing "the relationship." In Kindergarten they just have a girlfriend "from afar" and never TALK about it together! lol
My debate:
1. "Let it roll." How long can it really last any way, and they are young and innocent etc etc etc
2. Push the process of, "You're too young for a girlfriend."
At what point is it not "cute" anymore to have a "little girlfriend" and we need to teach them about the appropriate time for relationships and KISSING! :)
P.S. I found a note from ANOTHER GIRL in Joe's bag that said, "I love you Joe, I will miss you."... Apparently she is moving to another school. This boy tends to attract love notes and goo-goo eyes.
I know, when parents make a big deal of things, the kids tend to RUN in THAT direction... so I'm torn with WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO? :)
Any, all advice, funny thoughts, jokes, and "Glad it's YOU and not ME" comments are welcome! I'm just wanting to bounce thoughts around before I jump in on that conversation with him again.... Though, I'm sure I'll hear more about STELLA today after school. Joe told me she was going to be informing her parents about their relationship last night too... so I said, "Well, let's see what HER parents had to say about that!".... :)
Thanks Y'all... I appreciate it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thanks Uncle Ricky...

My brother Rick asked if he could pick the boys up from school today... He likes having time with them and I have come to enjoy time alone, so I gladly said: YES! :) Turns out, he picked them up, took them to the park, and then took them to an ice cream store where they got chocolate ice cream (see brown ring around his mouth?)... and this candy. This particular candy is a type that they have wanted for a LONG time, but I have said NO (emphatically) every single time.
Guess who is their favorite Uncle right now? (Sorry Steve & Justin!)
So, they are now in the bath... Together, where I just overheard this conversation:
 Matthew: Something Stinks around here. Joe: it's your butt. (which "we say" bottom, but they always test out "words" when they think they are alone)... Matthew: "Oh Yeah!" Ha ha ha He does not deny his ability to STINK! :)
Oh the Joys of Bringing Up Boys!

Another Invention...

New use for an empty bread bowl:
Bike Helmet!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our Protector...

Meet "Boots," our fierce protector from baby snakes... This one is a good type, but I'm letting him practice, hoping he will save us from the dangerous type!

Our Heart from Heaven...

We just got back from a weekend at our family's cabin in the mountains. I have many pictures that I need to look through, and post more than this... BUT, I had to share this one. The boys and I had an adventure down to the river, and we were greeted by a heart from heaven. I didn't create this, I was just blessed by it.

Friday, August 31, 2012

God Bless You...

Joe just stopped to show a homeless man a trick. As we walked away, joe told him to have a nice day. The man said "thank you, God bless you!" Matthew said "did you sneeze?" joe says "No, he knows the Lord, isn't that great?" :)

I LOVE these boys, and watching them learn and grow in the Lord. I LOVE Joes loving ways to others who may not seem so lovely.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Joe's Latest Creation...

My moms outdoor skeleton broke, so Joe found a new purpose for him... Toothbrush holder! Lol (sportin his vbs shirt! Lol)

A Mama's Prayer...

I found this prayer online today (Pinterest)... and I loved it, but I didn't love it's layout. So, I re-created it for myself. I absolutely LOVE the boys' pictures being a part of this prayer and I had a fun time downloading new fonts to be a part of my creation. :) I'm going to print it and put it on my fridge.
As I was working on it, I read it outloud. Joe was 1/2 way paying attention, and when I was done he said, "Wait a minute.... WHO are you giving me to?" lol I <3 this boy! I re-read it to him and he said, "Oh, ok... I understand now!" I want him to hear this prayer, I want him to hear that I believe he is my precious gift and I want him to hear me ask the Lord to help me be the best Mama to him.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Matthew is in Kindergarten...

Joe is in 2nd Grade!

I'm enjoying making some creative memories from this new school year.

"Verizon"...Grape Style!

I enjoyed walking through our friend Golly's vineyard today. She invited me to come capture some shots of the grapes in "Verizon" (this multi-colored look). It was a perfect foggy morning, still a bit drizzly and I enjoyed my time very much. Here is one of my favorite shots:

This is me, enjoying my boys being in school! :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

This is REALLY happening!

While sitting at the table together the other day, Aaron and I talked about how I'd like to learn more skills to help grow my photography business. My lovingly supportive husband said, "Why don't you look up a class at the JC?" So, I DID. Turns out, the photography classes are in the evening and didn't work out for me, but there is a Photoshop class that is PERFECT. Mondays from 10:30-1:30... So, I've applied to college once again, registered, got my parking pass and then... FREAKED OUT. ha ha ha I'm looking forward to gaining more skills, but I'll admit to feeling.... well, weird about going back to school. :)

Hard Times...

I was just contemplating the scary times in my life. Big ones: When I died while getting my tonsils out, When I was told I'd never have kids, When we were losing our house, and when I ended up in the ER with a heart condition I didn't know I had (those, and every time I've sat in a dentist chair! LOL)... When I sit at my diningroom table, looking out at the beautiful hills and blue sky on this peaceful day... I'm thankful today that God was at the center of it all with me, He held my hand and he soothed my heart and I could always trust Him. I've been asked before why I have such blind faith... the truth is, it's not blind...There may not be anything to see RIGHT NOW, but I've seen Him at work my whole life and He's proven time and time again He's worth my adoration, my faith, my trust and my love. I'm thankful that truly nothing is too big for my God.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Best Swimmer...

I just showed Matthew a picture of Michael Phelps swimming. He said, "Is that a real person?" I said, "Yes, he's the best swimmer in the world!" To which Matthew replied: Well I AM the best Doggy Paddler in the world!" :) <3 this kid!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For Grandma Lu...

I was walking around our property the other day and snapped some shots of some of the flowers we have around here. I know how much our Grandma Lu loves flowers and she came to mind... So, Grandma Lu, these pics are for you!(My mom gets credit for the plants, I kill green things. lol)
The kittens like to come find water on the "leaves" of these when we've just watered the plants.

These are the humingbird's favorites!"

There is a bird feeder in this planter box and all the bright green colored birds love to come spend time there.

We love you Grandma Lu and sure wish we could have more time with you. We hope you have beautiful flowers blooming all around you!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Joe's Pirate's Booty...(All Before 8a.m.)

"I finally found the pirate treasure I've always been hunting! Now THIS could go in a garage sale and people would pay $133 for it!!" (When we were moving to Northern CA, he kept bringing me things "For the garage sale" and didn't understand why nobody would pay big bucks for them!)
He quickly set up a "Cleaning Station" and got to work! 
When everything was nice and clean... a "Mystery Soup" was created. 
Oh the joy of being a mom of boys!!!

Chicky Mama... Matthew.

He walked in the door like this and I said, "Matthew, what do you have in your hands?" To which he replied: "A baby chick." Then he opened his hands and said,"It's just about to hatch!" He waited a few and said,"Can I sit on it like a Mama? Oh, we need to get milk or nectar ready." Bless his heart.

Friday, July 13, 2012

"Can I have some Cawoshion?"

My boys LOVE getting cologne from their Dada. Today, Matthew brought this to me and said, "Can I have some Cawoshion?"... He can't remember "cologne" and has mixed it with Lotion. :) I just love when they "mess words up" because it reminds me how little they are. :)

"Where do you think he is from?"

I took the boys on a walk in downtown Petaluma the other day.  We walked over the bridge, next to the water, through the Farmer's Market and then Joe spotted a clock tower and wanted to see it. So, we went to the Blvd and went into a couple of art galleries (after getting to see the clock, of course)... While at this particular gallery, I asked Joe, "Where do you think this guy is from?" He thought for a second and said, "The place where people starve." Interesting response. He has seen commercials about children in Africa who need sponsors and he's seen some National Geographic shows about different cultures. Oh the conversations I have with this boy. :)

Their Dada Adventure to Bodega Bay...

My boys, all ready for an adventure with Dada. They each packed their own backpacks... Matthew got two books, a blanky and a stuffed animal and told me, "Incase I get sleepy." Joe packed water, food and shoes for the water "Just incase.!" The picture isn't great, but Joe was wearing two different hats, sunglasses and a necklace... Matthew just wanted Dada's hat. :) I had a photo shoot that afternoon, so Aaron took them out a couple of hours before my shoot to give me time. It turned out, they didn't get back until a couple of hours after my shoot too. It was such a blessing to have time to myself to prepare my camera etc, and then to grocery shop ALONE. I felt like a loved lady with his "Acts of Service" love. :) Thanks Babe!

Look what we found...

Joe and I found the littlest grasshopper on the door of my car. I had him go to the other side of the glass to look, seems like it was a good idea... atleast for the grasshopper! ha ha Joe ended up finding a little leaf and trying to get him on the leaf to rescue him. The grasshopper had another idea and hopped on to Joe's arm. I think he liked that better. He took him to a tree and released him. It was SO cute!

Matthew's Weapon!

I walked in the room to the backsides of two wrestling boys. Joe was on top of Matthew, and Matthew said, "MAMA!!!" Joe, at that point had seen me, got off. Matthew, having not seen me yet, said, "That is my weapon!" LOL My name is his great weapon... Hmmm, sounds like a good time to teach him about the name of Jesus, He can help him out of more than "Mama" can! :)
(Picture from some water fun we had in the backyard. Cracked me up he had no idea that grass was on him for the longest time)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Joe's Great Grandpa

(This pic is from the Discovery Science Center in Southern CA... I just think it's funny! It has nothing to do with the blog entry, except I like to put a pic of the boys when I'm writing about them! ha ha)

As we were driving back and forth between Nana & Papa's house and VBS in Southern CA, the boys and I had some fun conversations. One of which revolved around family and the "who's who" in the family. We talked about Nana's parents and how I never got to meet them, but we will in Heaven. We talked about my Papa Jack and how he will also meet him in Heaven.

Joe said, "Well, I have a great great Grandpa." I said, "Yes you do, and you'll meet Him when you get to Heaven too." He said, "No, I have him now...Grandpa Don." (Grandpa Don is my grandpa). I said, "No buddy, Grandpa Don is your Great Grandpa." He stopped me right away and said, "NO, POP (my dad) is my GREAT Grandpa, and Grandpa Don is my Great Great Grandpa!"

It hit me, he thought I was talking about "Great" as in awesome, not as in generations! I thought it was SUPER cute, so I called my dad and left him a message to tell him how GREAT Joe thinks He is. :) So cute! (And he's excited for so many people to meet in Heaven!)

Inevitable Evening with Matthew

My sweet boy... We had an inevitable evening of Goodnight time tonight. It started like normal, a hug, a kiss, a prayer and a few random questions to keep the door from closing.  About ten minutes later, I heard a shrieking call to "Mama!!!" (which is NOT typical for Matthew... He's an easy sleeper)

I went back in the room to see my boy whimpering and to hear him say, "Mama, my mind is playing tricks on me to scare me. It's telling me there are monsters under my bed." To which I responded, "Well, ya know what you do when that happens?" He looked at me inquisitively. I cocked my arm, with fingers in firing position and blew up the bottom of his bed. HA HA HA Unfortunately, he was legitimately scared and that did not take care of his concerns. ;)

Take two, "Matthew, do you want to know what we really do when things try to scare us?" I went on to tell him that the devil will always try to scare us, to bother us, but we just have to know that God is bigger than the devil and the devil can not be where God is. I shared with him how, when I was little, I used to often go to sleep saying, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" because I was fighting fear away and the devil can not be where Jesus is!

So, we prayed together. Mama prayed for peace to be in Matthew's room, for angels to fill the room and give no more space for anything scary, and that God would remind Matthew to call out to Jesus when he is afraid so the devil has to run away.

Matthew said, "But what about my mind? I can't control my mind." I said, "Well, that is when we pray. When we pray, God understands that our minds can be weak and He jumps in to make us strong." I reminded him again, he needs to believe that God heard our prayer, that he loves Matthew and that he will sleep sound. I did another hug, another kiss, and walked out the door (leaving it a crack open at his special request... that isn't typical for us).

As I stood outside of his room, I listened in for a minute to hear my 5 year old say, "Get out of here devil. I am with God and YOU can not be here!" I WAS SO PROUD OF HIM! (My eyes just got watery! I want my boys to know how to kick the devil OUT of their lives, from moment to moment when they need to!)

God is good... I'm so thankful for how He swooped in to bring peace to my son and came to my rescue as a mom. He is so faithful and kind and I just love that we can call out JESUS with 100% security HE IS with us.... awesome. Just awesome.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Joe's Wii, Mii incident...

Today, while at my sister's house with Joe, we had a little incident. Joe was playing Christina's Wii, and decided to create some new "Mii's." Next thing I know, I looked over and saw this. My first reaction was a giggle, which I quickly had to contain so I could explain to Joe how the man's name was inappropriate. (This is his spelling for, "BottomHead.") Oh the joys of being a mom of boys!

Doing Homework

Matthew has been in his "Jump Start Kindergarten" now for almost two weeks. It's helping him get used to school by going 3 hours a day, instead of the 6 hours that a regular day will be. He doesn't have homework every night, but he's had a few nights worth. Tonight, I was watching his little hand doing his work (with an extra large pencil for learning)... and I just had to bust out my camera. Look at the concentration... and the use of tongue! :) (Not to mention THOSE EYELASHES! Handsome boy!)

(Always a ham! ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Piece of Advice...

I just gave a friend a piece of advice when someone had spread a rumor she was unhappy about. I want to add the advice I gave her to my blog for my boys to read in the future.
Boys... When someone does you wrong, or speaks ill against you, it's not always best to go on the attack to "fix it." Sometimes it's best to take a deep breath and know the Holy Spirit is much stronger than their tongue or their words; and He is forever at bat for you. Before you act, stop... breath... think... pray... then call me or Dad and ask if what you're thinking about doing is wise! LOL

Here's the advice... I'd say "take it or leave it" but you're my sons and I'm telling you to take it!

I read something recently that I loved... "You don't have to attend every argument you're invited to." Revolutionary. Let the mouth be the mouth and let the truth speak for itself... cuz you don't want to be a mouth too! ;)  Not sure if that applies to your current situation, but it's good truth either way! :)

Inevitably, you'll jump before thinking more times than you'll like to talk about through out life... and we'll still love ya, but the more you learn to wait, pray, think and call me to see if it's wise, the less foot eating you'll do or guilt that you'll feel. It's truth, but just as you touched the Electrical Fence yesterday (Joe)... you'll test it. Good luck with that. I love you.

Choose one: started picking pieces from each.

"Matthew, you need to pick one or the other."
"Ok Mama, I went one of the orange fishes, the shark, and that red angry bird."
He thought he could pick and choose certain things out of each box that he wanted. :)
The outcome: Mama picked the Angry Birds game as my pick of the day... ya know, so we could have a family game time at the table. Matthew picked the shark and fish so he can use it to swim in Nana's pool when we visit. :) I guess I'm a sucker for his sweet face.

Matthew's First Signature...

Today, in Matthew's Jumpstart kindergarten class, he wrote his name for the first time unassisted on a piece of school work. I was sitting there and, of course, had to take pic! His school write in "DeNelian" writing, so it is supposed to have the little loops at the end. Take notice of his "h," because he went back and specifically added the "Loop" to that one! So cute. :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Karate Question...

We were at a party this past weekend, with a Karate theme. They brought older Karate students to teach the younger boys some moves. As the older guys got in their car to drive away, Joe looked at me and quietly asked, "Did they just drive here all the way from CHINA?!?"

Oh how I love the quesitons that remind me how young they still are! When parents of older kids tell me, "You'll miss this," I know I truly will miss the innocent questions and observations... Not sure about the tantrums and "You're ruining my whole day." :)
(Notice, the guy is not Chinese. lol)

I loved finding this in Joe's writing journal today...

End of year classwork came home recently. I flipped through Joe's classroom writing journal and found this. "I am thankful for... God's family, my family, the zoo, and my life!!!"

Praise the Lord... things ARE sinking in! :) Sometimes, with young boys, it's kind of hard to feel like they are thankful for anything. Lately, it seems like, "You're making my day horrible" is the new cool phrase. So, finding this in the journal he wrote at school blessed my heart.

He thinks I look like a weirdo...

Joe and I like to try on glasses sometimes. He thought he looked awesome, but very matter of factly told me I looked like a weirdo. :) Fun with my Son!

Spidey(s) Ran Errands With me...

The boys and I needed to run some errands, and they decided it was a good idea to go as Spidermen. Loving that they are still little enough to want to do that, I happily agreed it was probably a good idea.  We went to 3 different towns and about 5 different stores, and finally at the last one, we saw these $1 Spiderman masks! Masks & Slurpee's were the reward for good Spidey behavior all day!

"Mama, Why did God give you....."

Oh my sweet Matthew, the questions you ask me lately have been making my heart smile.

Today, the boys were outside playing and I just knew (by the giggles I heard through the wall) that something wasn't quite right. When they both came in with an "I've been up to something" grin... I asked. They lied. I don't remember the lie, or the truth, but I remember the quivering lip and the wandering eyes telling that the truth was being hidden from me. They tried to present the lie again, so I said, "God gave me the ability to know when you are lying, so I suggest you tell the truth before there are harsh consequences for being dishonest." The truth was told.

A bit later, Joe came in after having touched the electric fence the neighbors put in to keep the cows from getting out again... which I had informed him was electric, but apparently he didn't believe me. He tried to say, "I fell down the hill into the fence," but I am sure that is pretty much impossible... which lead me to another conversation about knowing when they are lying.

As Joe went out to play, Matthew was helping me clean up some toys. He said, "Mama, why did God give you all the special stuff?" I asked him what he meant. "Well, you know... the eye in the back of your head, really really good hearing, and the way to know when we are lying."

I smiled and told him, "God gave me all the special super Mama abilities because He knew I needed to raise you guys to be good boys. There is no way I could be the Mama you need me to be if I didn't have God's help with some special abilities sometimes."

He smiled. I love those moments with my boys.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lessons in having each-others backs. ;)

Matthew and Joe have a bit of a hard time getting along these days.... So, I thought I'd give a little lesson on taking care of each other... So, they scrubbed each other's back. :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Matthew's Morning Question...

6:23 a.m., the alarm isn't going off until 7... But a cute little 5 year old face popped up next to my bed,"Mama, is 'SeeIToldYa' even a word?" :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Just Some Funnies...

I WANT every single hilarious thing they say to end up in this blog... but, alas, I am only one Mama and they come up with SO MANY hilarious things! I have to jump on and share a few!

Today, on our drive home from Costco, Matthew said: I know how to drive a car. To which Joe responded: No you don't. Matthew explained to Joe that he did know how to drive a car: "You just keep your eyes on the road, and don't go in the dirt!" Ha ha ha We live out in the country now, so I'm able to let them "Drive me home" from down the road. I've been letting Matthew sit on my lap and drive me to our cousin's house down the road... of course, he's only in charge of the wheel and my hands are never too far away. ;)

Another fun recent moment:

Matthew: Mama, when are we going to go to ChuckEECheeses again? Me: I'm not sure Bud. Matthew: But Mama, you're the boss. Me: lol

A Recent Facebook status that I loved:

LOL! I just opened Joe's window during a car wash! (the water spraying was at the back of the car).... Priceless face! :)
(I wish I had a picture to put with that one, but it was dark and I wasn't prepared for the greatness of that moment! lol)

An "Awww" moment:

As Matthew was praying for dinner tonight, he said, "and I pray God has a nice sleep in the clouds." ♥ his heart.

A Moment in Technology:

Matthew (While watching Joe play Mario Bro's) "Mama, why didn't you name me a different name?" Me: What name do you think I should have named you?" Matthew: "Toad." Me: "Because I'm nice." ... Matthew: *Shrug & Confused look.* ;) So funny.
(Toad is the name of a character that Matthew LOVES in Mario Bro's)

Another Recent Facebook Status:

I'm doing an internal laugh right now. I just told the boys, "If you guys go brush your teeth nicely, I'll add 5 minutes to the time you get to be awake tonight." They RAN in to brush their teeth! So many things are funny about that to me. lol

Matthew's Need for Privacy:

While in a bathroom stall, Matthew says,"Could you please give me privacy?" I said "I'm not looking at you." He says,"What about the eye on the back of your head?" YES, he IS still little! :)

Yet ANOTHER funny Facebook status:

I just got out of the shower to find my little turtle (Matthew), with a big brown spot on his "shell".... When I asked him what it was, his eyes got all puppy dog on me and he said, "Pudding." He snuck a pudding cup while I was in the shower and would have totally gotten away with it, had he not dripped on his costume. :) These boys and sneaking sweets... they must really be mine. LOL

Matthew's fun just keeps on going...

Matthew sneezed, then went to grab a tissue and blew his nose... All normal things, but then he said with a deep, strong and very "on purpose" voice, "I did that LIKE A MAN!" :) Goofy kid! I think he thought his nose blowing was loud like Dada. :)

Some More Random Funnies:

* Me: "Matthew, I don't want you to get bigger." Matthew: "But I have to." I asked him why and he said, "Cuz I need to be a dad." :) I love how their little minds work. He wants to be big like his Dada, so he just calls himself "a Dad."

* "Hey Mama, did you know I almost got my finger stuck in my brain?... I put it up in my nose and it almost got stuck, but then I got it out." LOL... Another profound truth from the mind of my almost 5 year old. He really thought it was almost stuck in his brain. :)

* "Hey Mama... Sharks that have two eyes that are long and separate are called Hammerheads."... I love his descriptive explanation... and how simple his "profound realizations" still are! He's almost 5, but still my BABY! :)

* I love how Matthew just informed me "2+2=4" as though he thought he was the first to tell me. :)

I'll end with a quote a friend left on my Facebook page... It made me laugh, and I thought she was probably right:

Just heard a commercial on the radio explaining that a "Momarazzi" is defined as a mom who takes pictures of their kids non-stop, constantly "documenting" them lol! I thought that was SO cute & instantly thought of you ; ) You SO qualify! Lol

Ok, since it can't REALLY be a blog entry with out a picture... here's a recent one I snapped of the boys after we had pulled up to church. I'm pretty sure I took it with my phone, because I just thought they looked so darn cute... then they "posed." :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Chicken Wrangler...

Joe is the resident Chicken Wrangler. This boy can catch any chicken on the property, and they stay with him... just about everywhere. :) THIS, though, cracked me up!