The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

One of "Those" days...

Today started out wonderful.  I feel cheesy using the word "wonderful" like that, but it's really the truth.  My parents were visiting, and sleeping on the guest bed that is in Joe's room. Both of my boys actually SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT with out coming to get me for one reason or another. (That's been a challenge lately and I've been getting up more than I had to with a newborn!) I woke up at 6:15 and actually felt rested, so I got up and started getting ready for CHURCH! I am always so excited to get to church.

Once I was ready, I walked out of my room to hear a LOT of giggling coming from Joe's room. Matthew had gotten up, went in there and turned on the light. The only problem with that is, they were ALL still asleep in that room. ha ha ha Matthew climbed up in bed with Grandma and Pop, as did Joe (who also turned the light back off) and they were having a light show with flashlights. I was an unwelcome guest when I interrupted their fun event! ;)

So, we went to church and had an amazing time... went to lunch with my parents and had fun. I even chose something healthy, which made me proud. (I've been losing weight again... I have come to say that Oprah and I have something in common... I'm constantly going up and down with weight... one day, I'll figure it out. lol)

Then, my parents had to start their drive back up north.  I think that is when things went a bit sour for me. My boys started to get whinny, and although I understood their heart hurt, I just didn't want to hear it anymore. Throw on top of that, Joe got SUPER hyper and just wouldn't listen to anything I had to say with out throwing in his "two-cents." I'm not really sure what the "trigger" was, but I found myself becoming a person I didn't like.

I was short tempered, I yelled, and I was selfish with my time... not giving them the grace and the love that they needed today, because I was having my own funky issue. That was making me so sad.

I got them in the car. I decided we needed to get away from the house... Chick-Fil-A is closed on Sundays and it was 105 outside, so a park was out of the question... McD's playland, here we come. The boys were so excited, but Joe continued to rub me wrong on the way there. I failed at my attempt to redeem the situation and yelled once again. So, I prayed. I turned the radio to a song that would distract my boys from me, I shed a few tears of frustration and disappointment and I prayed. The song came on the radio that said, "All of you is more than enough"... I thanked God that it was true and I decided to praise in the middle of my circumstance... so, I did.

I wish I could say I was miraculously turned into a mom of good character again... but, it continued to be a struggle. The boys enjoyed their McD's time, I enjoyed an ice cream cone and a diet coke... and I was headed towards feeling better and just letting go of the things that were trying so hard to bog me down.

I was patient with Joe and spoke slowly and with a regular tone. I was starting to feel proud again.

Then, it happened. We got home, I opened the garage door and there it was... A SNAKE! He had positioned himself right in front of the only door we could use to get into the house, because the front door had the chain on. *sigh* ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? ha ha ha

I called the police department, who proceeded to tell me they weren't sure if Animal Control would come out, but they would call them. I said, "There is a snake in front of the only usable entrance to my house and I can't tell if it's a Rattle Snake or not, THEY WILL COME!" ha ha ha... I felt myself slipping back into "raging bull" status! ha ha ha

While waiting for Animal Control...the boys were a bit ULTRA SUPER EXTREMELY excited, after all, it was a SNAKE! So, I had to take deep breaths and sip on my diet coke to maintain my composure while they were flipping out and I just wanted to get them in bed! ha ha ha (we all stayed in the car with the lights shining on the snake)

Animal Control came... it was a 3.5-4ft Cal King Snake and we were rescued! The boys got to see it in the bag and the man gave us a quick lesson on which snakes are safe and which are not. It turned out to be a fun adventure for them, but MAN OH MAN was I thankful when I finally got their jammies on, the last tooth brushed and their little booties IN BED!

Now that it's 10:30... I think I am finally done getting them BACK in bed. Joe got up twice, the first time because he couldn't find his flashlight (which is NO reason to get up) and the second because we forgot to pray, "And that is very important Mama."... He was right, but I explained to him that obeying his mama was very important too! lol... Matthew, at 10pm had gotten up and turned his light on and was just checking things out in the hallway. I wish you could have seen his face when he finally realized I was coming up the stairs. =)...

The only problem is... now I need to go to sleep myself so I can wake up and start the morning process with them at 6:15. *sigh* No "downtime" for me tonight... and I so badly felt the need for it.

This might seem like a big complaint... and, in all reality, it is... but, some days it is just "one of Those days" and a girl's just gotta get it off her chest! ;)


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