The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Watch Dog On Duty!!

This morning, my boys and I... and Uncle Ricky were sitting out with our pups. Rick was playing with his watch and Matthew told him, "If you put it on Tiny, he'll be a Watch Dog!".... and then the fun started. :)

His face cracks me up in that last one, "You said WHAT?" lol

Look out folks, don't mess with our property... we have the fierce "Tiny" the watch dog on the property!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

"Can He Understand me?"

Oh man... Matthew, you are so cute!

You just walked in here with Tiny in your arms. He said, "Mama, he is not sitting nicely with me like Scrappy is with Joe." Then you said, "Oh, wait a minute, can he understand me?" I said, "No, he doesn't understand your words." You said, "Oh ok good!"  You were concerned that he'd understand you and you'd hurt his feelings. That was SO cute!

(When we were outside with the dogs, I walked ahead and you said, "Go Get Grandma son!") lol

Introducing Tiny & Scrappy

Yes, we have finally done it... We have adopted two awesome little puppies!

When Joe was about 5, he asked when we could have a dog. I said, "As soon as you're old enough to pick up it's poop." He looked over at his brother, who was 3, and said, "Nah, let's wait until Matthew is old enough." ha ha ha... Well, 4 years later, they are BOTH old enough and Joe has waited long enough that he is even willing to take part in the poop pick up duty.

I decided to start the process by fostering a litter... yes, I really did just say that! LOL I didn't realize quite how crazy I actually was in doing that... but, we've done it and it's fun.... at least with this litter. They have been very sweet, very playful, and have slept quietly at night etc. The clean up is the only downside!

Joe and Matthew have both been very good with their foster pups, never complaining about cleaning up after their messes or helping to walk them and wash them etc. Matthew instantly fell in love with the same little guy that tugged at my heart first as well: Meet Tiny:

Joe, on the other hand, fell in love with the one that most people would have looked the other way from. He's one of those ugly cute kind of critters. He does have a really fun personality... But Aaron was hoping for "Rosebud" (seen above with Tiny).  Please let me introduce you to Scrappy:

Here are some fun photos of the first time they met the pups! They had NO IDEA that we were fostering! :) 

Monday, June 2, 2014

My Dad(s)...

Matthew said something on the way to school today that melted my heart. As soon as I dropped him off, I picked up my phone and did the voice recording thing so I would not forget to write it out in here! It goes something like this:

Matthew: Mama
Me: Yes Buddy?
Matthew: Is your first dad God?
Me: Yep
Matthew: and your second dad is Pop?
Me: Yep
Matthew: So, our first dad is God and our second dad is the one we hug when we pray at night before bed?
Me: Yes buddy.

My little tender hearted buddy. His heart gets BROKEN if he doesn't get a hug, we can't ever forget. Joe will get mad when he is in trouble, oh boy does he have "the look" when he's been in trouble (and he knows it, this is no big secret)... but Matthew, after a spankin, will say: can I have a hug?

I'm thankful for "two dads" and a hugger.