The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

My sweet Matthew...

We went to Bible study tonight. It's the one reason I will keep my boys out past bedtime, because it helps them have a better mom! ha ha ha... As I picked them up from childcare, the sky lit up with lightening. Matthew was NOT a fan! Well, actually, Matthew was pretty clueless until Joe started to freak out and say it was going to get us on the head. ha ha ha

So, poor Matthew started to cry and said, "Mama, I do not want this storm to get me on the head." He was convinced that he was in grave danger and did NOT want to come out from under the awning to get to our car. Finally, I showed him how long it took to hear the thunder after the lightening, and taught him that meant it was FAR away.  Even though he was still reluctant, and I think he thought I was tricking him into submission... he ran to the car!

My sweet boy has been getting up in the middle of the night to turn his light on. He gets back in bed and sleeps with his bedroom light on. I turn it off when I see it, and I gave him a nightlight. It saddens my heart to know he has that fear bothering him. So, we pray before bed and I pray for his sweet dreams and sweet sleep.

Tonight, he said, "Mama, what if the storm gets me?"... I said, "You are safe here, the storm stays outside." He said, "What if the sharks get me?" I said, "There is no ocean here, the sharks can't get you." He said, "No, the ghost sharks." I told him that no ghosts are allowed in our home because we have prayed and the Lord put a big fence of protection all around our home and they have to stay out. He said, "What about talking eye balls?"  SHEESH, no wonder he's turning the light on! ha ha ha

I proceeded to tell him that Dada and I picked this house special because we knew it was the safest house for our family and no bad thing is allowed inside, and Mama is right outside the doors always protecting him. He seemed to be comforted, and then said, "What about talking blankies?"... I said, "Well, those are allowed because they are cozy and you can talk to them about cuddling!" ha ha ha

He's only 3 and I already suffer a hurting heart for his struggles. I pray for him and I hold him and I trust my Lord to comfort him when I can't be right with him. I do not "worry about tomorrow" but when I think about what the future holds for my boys, I want to be strong. Not only that, but I want to dig in to my Savior so He can guide me in parenting so my boys will choose to come to me when the world is too much and they need support... even when it's not "cool" to talk to your parents anymore!

*sigh* G'night all.

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