The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

NOT from Joe's girlfriend!...

When I picked Joe up from school today, he came to me and said: I got something from a girl and she is NOT my girlfriend, I don't know why she did it!"

He pulls out this OH SO cute picture:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Shopping Companions.

We had a little trip to Target today, and my boys decided to bring their special hat/masks. They walked around the store with me for 5-10 minutes with them on, and then took them off. Joe proceeded to take his sweatshirt off too and said, "I need to get this off quick, so nobody will know I was that boy with the mask on!"... He cracks me up. I said, "Well, don't you think they'll know it was you because your'e still with me?" He came up with some good reason why that wasn't right. Ha ha ha

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Joe's "Special Day" Paper...

This is a paper Joe brought home from school today. It is going in my Joe File for sure, but I had to share it! At the bottom, I will write out what it was meant to say! So Fun seeing them learn to write!

Special Day:
On my special day I went to Monterey. Grandma, Pop, Mom and Dad was there. I took a walk at night when I got to a hotel. I went to the goody shop. It was special because I got a huge jawbreaker .

What is hilarious is how he remembers that special day. First off, he left Matthew out of the picture... secondly, Grandma and Pop weren't there! Ha ha ha. We had left Sonoma and decided to drive on Hwy 1 back down to Southern CA. We had one night where we stayed in Monterey as a family mini-vacation. He DID get a huge jawbreaker and we did go for a walk at night, but it cracks me up to see how his mind remembers it. Poor Matthew wasn't a big enough part of the memory! Ha ha ha They each got to eat their "goody" in the bath at the hotel. Joe's jawbreaker turned the whole bath blue! I REMEMBER that part! :) 

I love the spelling errors in this letter. Joe is so incredibly smart that it is fun to see an area of his brain that is still "little." He's still learning, and it's SUPER cute... in my opinion! :)

How I felt loved on "Love Day" this year.

It's easy, as life has it's busy-ness, to forget the blessings we have daily. My husband is one of those blessings. Typically, on special occasions, he forgets "the card." This Valentines day, we agreed we weren't getting each other anything... and then I woke up that morning. I wake up first with the boys and go to get our coffee going. When I got to the machine, this card was waiting for me. My husband loves me and went completely out of his normal thought pattern and made himself remember the card. :) He wrote a special message, that I'll keep private... but, it wouldn't matter what it said, it just matters that I know it took effort and he thought of me. :) I just needed to do a post saying how much I love the man who loves me, and how thankful I am that God made us so well to walk this life together... I love you babe. <3

I love coming in to tuck him back in.

This picture is a bit fuzzy because my iphone doesn't do well in the dark... but,  I had to snap it. :) Every night, as I come in to go to bed, I check on the boys. Matthew always looks something like this, all twisted and snuggled with his buddies. Joe tends to stay pretty much in the same position, because he likes how we tuck him in. My goofy sleeper. :)

Cool Dudes!

Matthew came to me and said, "Mama, do i look like a cool dude?" I told him yes, and he ran away. He brought back these glasses that Joe had given me for the 100th day of school and said, "Here, now you can be a cool dude too!" :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pretty Bathrooms and Boys... not a match made in Heaven!

Dear Pretty Bathroom (that I JUST finished)... Joe is very sorry for having broken the soap dispenser that I had to have 3 stores called and have specially shipped to you to match the set that you love... If it makes you feel any better, it scared him half to death when it broke. ;) BOYS! GRRR (ha ha)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snakes & Frogs

"Mama, watch out for my snake, he's a humpback." lol

"Mama, LOOK, I caught him! Take a Picture!" - Joe

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Joe's 7th Birthday

Joe turns 7 on February 6th... we had his party this weekend and had lots of fun! It was Super Mario Bro's, and his request was for Nerf Guns! :) Here are some fun pictures from our special day!
Aunti Christina blew us away again with her amazing cake!  Joe requested a cake where Bowzer was chasing the Super Mario Bro's up to a castle...this is what we got! As always, it tasted amazing too! :)

We all got "Mario Shirts" for the party...I'm so bummed I forgot to have someone take pictures of the 4 of us together. My shirt has Donkey Kong and says, "Going Bananas"... I thought that was perfect for a party day! lol Aaron's shirt is Bowzer and says, "It's good to be King!"... and you can see the boys' shirts!

 Uncle Curt brought a card that had kitten singing Happy Birthday in a really cute/funny voice... he wins the "Biggest Laugh" award. :) I love this picture!
 One of the gifts in our "Goody Bags" for the kids were these stick on mustaches. We didn't try them on until after all our guests were gone and I was SO bummed. After seeing how cute/funny they were, I wish I had gotten all the kids to put them on for a picture! :)
 I absolutely LOVE this picture! lol Matthew's little teeth look so hilarious with this mustache! I laugh every time I see it!
I was very pleased this year with Joe... He loved getting cards and he actually took the time to read them all. Sure, it helped when they had cash in them too... but he still gave attention to the ones that came with a non-cash gift. :)
More fun for the Rock wall that I grew up visiting with friends on. :) Cute to see the new generation enjoying it just like we did. Thank you to everyone who blessed Joe with Birthday gifts and love (not everyone at the party likes to be I'm keepin the guest pictures minimal!) ;)


There is a website that has recently captivated much attention, especially with my "mom friends." I was looking on and saw "Jello Worms." Joe saw them with me and thought they were awesome, so we decided to make them for his birthday!
Joe thought they were AWESOME!

Pop was a good sport!

Mama had to be cool and give them a try! (Especially after the effort to MAKE them!)

Little Charlie was the ONLY child (other than Joe) who would give them a try. He tipped his head up like a baby bird for Joe to feed him a worm! So Cute!

I enjoyed making something "all boy" for my boy to show off and have fun with!

"No Cavities At All"

There are two things I loved about this...
1. He was being sarcastic by drawing cavities and then saying "No cavities at all."
2. That he spelled Cavities "Kavudese." Totally makes sense.

Faith like a child...

I had to share a moment I had with Joe. He was in the living room playing Super Mario Bro's on the Wii, and I was in the kitchen cleaning up. I heard him say, "In the Lord's name, I WILL go through this TV and really be in Super Mario Bro's!" I peaked in right about, "Lord's Name" and he put his hand on the TV to go into it. When he noticed I had been peaking in at him, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "I had to try!" Ha ha ha This boy of mine! I guess, even childlike faith, doesn't always work! ;)

An "All Boy" heart!

Joe's teacher sent home an assignment for Valentine's day. They are having a "Special Person Tea" and we were to draw the heart, cut it out, and decorate it creatively. I completely understood what the teacher was expecting: pink, red, cute, pretty, totally Valentine's day worthy. She was NOT specific enough for my little boy though. He said, "This is ALL boy colors!" Luckily, his "Special person" is his cousins Jacki & Charlie and they will LOVE this special heart exactly as it is! It was actually hard for me not to force him to "do as expected"...but it was a lot of fun to just let him create it exactly as he wanted. He painted the teeth white, he laid out where the eyes should go and he designed all the colors!