The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Joe's "Behavior Alert!"

*sigh*... Well, my beautifully behaved 5yr old ran away somewhere between my mini-van and Nana and Papa's front door (where we were picking up Matthew). I'm telling you, he is a COMPLETELY different boy when they are together.

We spent time playing at Nana and Papa's for a while, and it got to be 3pm. I decided we'd just skip naps since it was already so late. We do this on occasion (and Joe doesn't nap regularly anyway, but I have him go "rest" in his room for a while)... Well, today, it didn't work! Joe took a stroll through Melt Down City just about every 5 minutes it felt like.

As we got in the car to leave, he was screaming and crying for one reason or another. I drove away with a stern warning, "If your behavior does not change, I will be forced to use discipline to help you get your behavior back to the respectful fun boy I've had the last two days." He continued and he actually let out a whopper of a scream. I instantly pulled over at the very first parking lot. I wont divulge the discipline of choice, but he didn't want to sit back down. ;) ;)

He had LOVED having his booster seat in the "way back" of my minivan and I moved it back to the middle, right behind me. I wanted him to be able to recline as it was OBVIOUS he needed sleep! ha ha ha  That was a devastating blow to him.

BUT, the point of this blog was the fun way we got around to getting his behavior in line after that. The shock of me pulling over and taking care of business made him get out of his freak out mode and start to calm down. From that point, any time he started to tip the scales in the wrong direction, I said, "ALERT, ALERT, BEHAVIOR ALERT!!!"... That made him smile, and he realized he needed to fix it.

The next time he started to sound whinny, I heard him tell himself, "ALERT, ALERT" but kind of quietly as though he only wanted himself to hear it. =) I started to say it and he said, "It's ok Mama, I already alerted myself!" Ha ha ha

I try so hard to stay calm with him. Sometimes I just loose it and yell at him, but I love when we can "recover" those moments of flip out either from him or me with "ALERT, ALERT!" lol

*Deep Breaths*... We'll all survive!

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