The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Something I Love...

I ran across this quote the other day, and it's been on my mind. I decided to get a little creative in photoshop, and I LOVE this. I'm very much considering printing this one!
(I never print anything! lol)

Mermaid Matthew...

Matthew got home with his new hand-me-down A's hat, and was SO proud to show Pop (Who he knew loves the A's). After he got to show Pop, he climbed up on the rock wall and posed for a photo (I wasn't asking him to, but he wanted a pic...that's not typical for him)... As he struck this pose with out instruction, Joe started to Giggle off to the side. He broke into laughter and said, "You look like a Mermaid!" Ha ha ha, cracked me up...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Matthew's Apology...

Matthew got his name on the board today, for not listening to Mama when I asked him to do something. So, he decided to write a note of apology as his way to get his name off the board and be able to go watch the tv with Joe.  I had to snap a quick photo of him writing, and the sweet note I got. I told him to do it in "Kid Spelling." This just melts my heart and I love that he's little!
"I am sre fr bein rood. I luv u Mama  Frum Matthew"

(Excuse all the costumes in the background... we were having some photography fun today!)


Our Conversation today:
Matthew: This is really yummy.
Mama: What flavor is it?
Matthew: Hopscotch I think.
Mama: mmm, that's my favorite... As I walk away smiling and NOT correcting that sweet mistake.
I love those types of "errors" from their sweet mouths!

Fortune Cookies...

Matthews class has been learning about Chinese New Years... Today they ended the day with Fortune Cookies (of which Joe partook when he got there)...

Joe's 4 fortunes...
Matthew's 3...
(Ok, so thre is no easy way to rotate a pic in Blogger... I'm going to let you rotate your head to read Joe's fortunes! lol)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Joe's 1st Photography Contest Entry!!

Joe and Matthew came on a photo shoot with me yesterday. We were on an adventure to a mustard field about 45 minutes away from home. My client had two little girls, and I knew my boys could make them smile.  When we got there, we were early so I could scout out the best locations to shoot. Matthew became my little poser to test my set up and Joe remembered a contest at school about photos of Bees. I am so happy I had brought my back up camera, and I pulled it out to keep him busy. After some stirn warnings on handling (and some, "Do not say 'I know' when I'm explaining this to you, or you will not touch my camera!" lol)... He was off in the acres of mustard to photograph Bees. This turned out SO fun and I really hope he does well in the contest because he is SOOO proud of his photo. He saw it and said, "Mama, that looks like YOU took it!" Awww, we bonded over photography today. <3

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Hail of 2012

I have never seen a hail quite like this! Joe loved it, Matthew thought he would... Until it pelted his ears and neck! ;)

The last photo: Joe came running in,"Come see my ice sculpture!!" I went out and said,"it looks like an igloo for a snail." He says,"that is exactly right!"

Friday, February 15, 2013

Meeting in the Middle

We all met half way for a fun night in a hotel in Central CA! :) These photos were taken Friday after arriving. Little did we know, Matthew would barf through the night and be unable to take part in the rest of the visit. :( Im so glad he enjoyed Friday before bed.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Joe's Birthday Stats!

My Boy is 8!!
Yesterday was his birthday, but tonight I just said, "Hey Babe, we forgot to measure Joe ON his birthday!" Aaron said, "That's ok, we'll do it tonight!" Joe said, "Well, you know, I AM growing every second Dada!" ;)
Joe at 8 Years Old is 68.8 Pounds and 50 Inches tall! 

Cooking for Computers!

My friend Sandra had a computer that was a tad outdated (said with was OLD)... I lovingly suggest my awesome computer nerd husband to help her out. He kindly accepted the challenge!  My husband LOVES Mexican food, so he said he would only charge her for parts... AND, she'd have to come over and teach me to cook Mexican food!
I got a lesson in Mexican cooking today!!! Sandra taught me to make authentic Beans & Rice, Potatoes and Chicken enchiladas!  Yummm!!! It's a good trade, if you ask me!

Valentines day... Done!

I love getting things done early!! Silly Bands, Stamps, Candy and cellophane bags! Thank You Oriental Trading Company. :) I'm now done stuffing all the little bags and I have to say... Next year, I might not be so creative! Ha ha ha (That took a long time for two classes!)

Joe's Class Cupcakes!

Joe's happy face... His Auntie Christina made Pokemon cupcakes for him to bring to school on his birthday! He loves feeling cool with OCakes designed yummy treats!

No More Training Wheels!!!

It began yesterday... Matthew had the idea that he'd like Dada to take the training wheels off of his bike and learn to ride with out them. When we got home, we asked him to do just that! Matthew had a couple of great rides (with Dada's help), but then a decent crash and a good cry. His bike riding night was over. It was Joe's birthday, so Joe got the rest of the time in learning... Which added to Matthew's good cry. ;) So, on Joe's 8th birthday....
Then, the day after Joe's birthday... We got home and Matthew asked for another turn:

So, we have lost two sets of training wheels and a booster seat (When they turn 8, we don't need a booster anymore) in two days! My boys are getting BIG!!