The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Friday, July 26, 2013


We have had so much fun this summer in our adventures... Visiting with my friend Katie and her kiddos, we helped them enjoy their pool! :) Katie has 3 boys and was babysitting one and I brought my two... so, 6 boys all in the pool with TOO MUCH energy! I jumped up and said, "WAIT A MINUTE!"... I explained to them, if they all ran in the same direction around the pool, they'd create a whirlpool!  Once they got it going, I said, "SWITCH"... and they got swept away! Repeated over and over, and we got some tired boys! PERFECT!

Joe's Lego Name & Castle

With the whole science center filled with awesome things and Lego adventures... Joe sat at this little Lego table with Nana for about an hour while Matthew and I walked around!

The Kings...

While visiting Southern CA, we went with Nana to the Discovery Science Center... It was LEGO time! Perfect for my boys!  This throne was made completely out of Legos!

We Made Gak...or Something like That! lol

This is one of those Pinterest moments... gone kinda good and kinda bad. I'd absolutely do it again, except I'd leave out the food coloring! :) The boys had a BLAST, it was so fun watching them!


Tonight, I was folding laundry outside of the opened bathroom door while Matthew was taking a shower. Joe is in Southern CA visiting his Nana and Papa.  Some things that I love absolutely struck my heart:

I love Matthew's conversations with himself in the shower. I love how he is into locking his bedroom door and "Privacy Please," but he'll still walk buck naked through the house.  I love that he withholds kisses from everyone else, except Aaron and I. I love that he carries his toy gun, and "this tiny cute little stuffed animal." I love that he likes to be a big guy, but sometimes things still make him uncontrollably giggle like a little guy. He's 6, and I love that. ;)

One of my Favorite Things...

One day, a long time ago, I was walking through a home d├ęcor store and saw this. I knew, from the second I saw it, I found perfection for our wall! Thankfully, nobody "has it all together", or I might have to feel some sort of guilt over this. Something I love is that I don't feel the need to hide my imperfections. A plague on the American woman and especially mom is the misguided need to look perfect. Superwoman... Supermom. Those titles wont ever be on my letterhead, but I will always know we have it all when we're together. I'm thankful for the imperfectly perfect life God has blessed me with, and all 3 of my guys I get to do life with!