The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The heart of my little prince...

I feel myself needing to make record of a moment I had with Joe earlier today. Joe and I are still getting time just the two of us, as Matthew is getting a nice visit with Nana and Papa. We got to school early this morning, so I went in and did a puzzle with him. As we're doing it, another boy got to class. It was the boy I have earlier blogged about, the one who Joe says "Doesn't know Jesus because he's not kind." Well, that boy was SOOOO excited when Joe said, "Come play with us!" The only problem is, that boy ran up and took almost all the puzzle pieces (It was an ABC's puzzle and Joe and I were taking turns with the letters). Joe looked at me with a disturbed face and I said, "That's ok Joe, we'll share." I stopped the other boy from taking any more and told him to bring his pile to his seat and Joe will have his pile and we'll take turns. It was working... Until Alex showed up. HA HA HA... The other boy said, "No, sorry, we already have our piles." Joe said, "Now, that is not very nice, here Alex you can share some of mine!"


On top of that, he actually gave Alex more than he kept for himself. ha ha ha, I find myself in tears typing this out. Joe is one of my toughest challenges in life because he's just so incredibly intense and "on" all the time. I've struggled with the question "am I a good mom" because of my reactions to his intensity sometimes. I've never wanted something more than being the best mom I can be.  This life is going to be tough for my two princes and I want to equip them for the battles ahead.

It melted my heart to watch my son be loving to the boy who has frustrated him most and to share, even though more than half of what he was playing with had already been taken away.  I could see it hurt him each time it was time for a letter to be put down and it wasn't his turn because the other boys had the letters... but, he still chose to share.

Sorry, this is long... but I'm just having a very proud Mama moment and I'm so thankful for the boys that I've been blessed with and for the Lord taking what I give as a teaching Mama and help it reach their hearts.


  1. WOW!!! I've got to say that you are the most amazing mom I know. I mean that sincerely. I love reading your little stories. :)

  2. One great thing, is that no matter how frustrating it is at home, and no matter how much you feel he may *not* be learning... now you are seeing it in action outside of the house. It's funny how obedient they are to your upbringing when you are *not* present! =) I'm sure you will hear of many more proud moments, than you will ever see.

  3. HA HA I wish I had that kind of strength when someone frustrates me!