The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Memory Fails Me...But Matthew is still a Sweetheart.

Deep Breath, the kids are in bed. Most likely one or both of them will get up for some "wapchicks" (chapstick) or from a bad dream... but, they are IN bed for now. I am pretty sure Joe is convinced of the need to stay there because tomorrow is "Dress Like A Pirate Day" at school and I have told him, if he gets up, he'll lose pieces of his Pirate costume! ha ha ha I'm mean.

I know there were at least 3 times today where I thought, "Oh, I should put that on the blog," but at this moment I can't remember them. My memory fails me once again.

I did just have a sweet moment with Matthew... When I was putting him to bed, he got in bed real quick and laid down (he's typically very good about that)... I told him he really needed to get to sleep because we have a big morning getting Joe ready to be a Pirate. He closed his eyes and pretended to already be asleep. As I prayed for him, he was still "asleep"... as I kissed him, asleep...during my hug, asleep... It wasn't until I turned to go out the door that I heard his little voice, "You're the best mom ever." I look back and say thank you...asleep. =)

Hmmm, 15 minutes have passed since I closed the second door and said my goodnights. Maybe they wont get up tonight! There are some nights when I smile at God by the end, when the boys crash out fast, and say, "You really wont give me more than I can handle!" =)  I'm thankful for Matthew's tender heart and my Lord's tender heart to help my sweet boys rest and let me do the same!


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