The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Survey & Protect...

Cars & Track are cleaned up... Now he's sitting on his perch to survey and protect! Lol He's getting a playful show from the cats. I love when he is peaceful with nature. :) Maybe we should move to an Amish village where electronics aren't an option... this boy is at his best outdoors (when the weather is not too hot... that makes him (and me) cranky!)

Darth's Roadwork (Cont'd)

He INSISTS you see him with the cape and running car! ;)

Darth's Roadwork.

Ode to have the energy of Joe. 7am and he's already in costume and has built a roadway. :) (he was telling me "Noooo, not until the car is there!") I love the drama in his hands and face! He cracks me up!

Special Serenade...

As if sitting outside on the rock wall eating a lunchable wasn't enough... Add in Uncle Rick's Serenade! :) <3 it. They absolutely LOVE Uncle Rick and all of the adventures and fun things he creates for them. Later in this day, he was going to be babysitting them for me for about 5 hours, but he still spent the time with them at lunch. I'm blessed with a great brother... Thanks Rick!

I knew the giggle I was hearing meant trouble.

I TRY to sleep until 7 in the morning, but most mornings I hear little wiggle worms by 6. The morning of this glorious event, I was laying in bed EXHAUSTED (Aaron was gone for work), and I heard giggles. Now, these giggles weren't just any giggles, these giggles meant trouble! I got up and quietly walked to the bathroom where I heard the comotion. Matthew said, "I still can't see." Joe replied, "Climb up there, I always do!"... I peeked my head in and Matthew was just climbing up on the bathroom counter. When he saw me, he just about fell down! (Reminded me of the time a police officer drive up on his motorcycle to my passenger side window and I dropped the cell phone I was talking into... even though, he had already seen!)... Our boys always keep it interesting!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Post Explosion...

Sorry to all of the people who get an e-mail each time I post a blog entry... I had A LOT of "drafts" that I hadn't posted... I didn't realize how far behind I was on posting... You got a POST EXPLOSION today! ;)

Notes to Cousins.

"Dear McKayla, when I come to your house can we do another craft"
SOOOO cute! He learned "kid spelling" this year in kindergarten. It allows him to sit down and write, enjoy himself, and not need to say, "How do I spell......." over and over and over again. :) He's learning the sounds of the letters and I can typically figure out what it says. :) He does ask me quite often how to spell things though.

Journaling catches on!

LOVE when a great idea catches on. (And I just stood there doing dishes while THEY decided to do it!)


He's keeping a summer journal. (In Uncle Ricky's dress shirt that he slept in) :) I love his tiny little fingers and his squishy cheeks.

Fun on the Dunes...

Matthew did a face plant on his way down from the Sand Dunes. He decided to take off running, but it had been so cold already, he didn't know his nose was dripping! This boy had sand in every crevice, and he ran up to do it another 4 times. I just KNEW one of them would end up in the hospital, but neither of them cried once. They did head over feet tumbles and came out giggling!


He added the flag and then called it perfect! (It grew from here though!)

Joe the builder.

He saw pieces of wood laying around on the beach and decided to build his own house. Complete with a fence and everything. It ended up becoming much bigger than this and he built a second house for his brother, in the same fence and everything!


They got themselves dressed today...100% matching, down to them splitting up two pair of Joes shoes. I warned Matthew that the shoes might make him fall or slip off all day, but I'm allowing it. :) On the way to school, I asked how it happened. Matthew said, "I was asleep and Joe woke me up and I DON'T LIKE THAT." Joe said, "Yeah, but if I hadnt' woken you up, you'd miss out on all this FUN!" Ha ha ha

Another Unwelcome Guest!!

We caught a big'n today. I heard Joe SCREAM, "TURANTULA!!!!" Lol Mama to the rescue (with my bug sucker, there's no way I'd touch it!) This spider goes down in our record books around here! YUCK!

My Unwelcome Guest!

That would be a dead mole. The boys thought it would be funny ON MY NIGHTSTAND!!! I had seen Joe play "look out" earlier in the day and I noticed Matthew snuck past... So, I knew they had done something, but I hadn't heard anything break and they were getting along... so I didn't worry about it. Later, when I was putting them to bed, Matthew gave it away. He said, "Mama, when you go to bed, do you always check the table by your bed?" LOL... I knew right away to check my nightstand!

Aaron's Mini-Me

Dada left for a week at work... Matthew misses him, hence the hat and boots. He disappeared to my room for a little while and came out like this. "I just want to be like Dada right now." SO cute!

Uncle Rick's Balloons!

Uncle Rick came in to the house for Matthew's birthday party day. He looked around and said, "Where's the balloons?" I told him I hadn't bought any this time. He said, "You can't have a birthday with out balloons" and got in his jeep to drive in town and buy some for Matthew. he was right, the backyard was MUCH more festive! :)

Happy 6th Birthday Matthew!

We took Matthew out to dinner for his birthday... When they were done singing to him, he looked at me bashful and said, "I tried not to laugh." lol He kept his serious/nervous face the whole time. This boy cracks me up!

"Matthew" by Joe

Joe's drawing of Matthew. I love his details (and I did verify that detail on the pants is a zipper!) lol

Joe's Work...

Joe gets in trouble for doodling on his work, but it makes me smile pretty often too. ;)
One of my greatest friends, Katie, has 4 kiddos. Eloise is the youngest and we both started making plans as soon as she was born! (Not really, but it WOULD be fun!)... Eloise has her first crush and just wanted a little smooch. ;)

5 stores later, he is still die hard Nike! :)

For Matthew's birthday, he loves to be able to pick out his own pair of shoes. He has been a big Nike fan in the past, but I wanted him to try more options before deciding. We went to five stores before Nike,and he ALMOST bought a pair of Vans, but one of them didn't feel right and it was the only pair they had in his size! He's a picky shoe purchaser, but atleast I know he really likes what he ends up with! I was WORN. OUT. at the end of that excursion!

Stylin Joe the Jeep Washer

Joe's going to wash the jeep with Uncle Rick... Totally appropriate wardrobe selection. Lol LOVE this boy!

Hulk does Chores too!

The boys had a Saturday job of smashing and sorting the bottles and cans for recycling... Matthew got creative and busted out the Hulk Hands... it actually worked pretty well!

Matthew, Teaching Chocolate Tricks!

"Look Mama, he just learned to roll over!" Lol Nope, he was just THAT desperate for a scratch that he went to a 5 year old. Lol My cute boy. 

His Timely Note...

To get his name off the board (which gets on from bummer behavior, and means there is no video games OR tv) he has to write a note or do something to make it right. I love the report on time on this one. :) The heart in love is pretty cute too. It was tucked in my door jam when I got up. :)

They Got Me!

I'm a mom of boys and they LOVED that they "got me" with this! Lol (It wasn't Joe!!!)

This is our "Pick me up" today...

Aaron is out of town for work, and the boys and I aren't too happy about it. We decided to hit up In & Out for a quick cheer up! :)