The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Fort that saved my morning...

I was REALLY hoping my boys would sleep in this morning... as I do just about every saturday morning, but it has yet to happen! This morning was not unlike any other. Matthew came in about 5:55 and said, "I lost my cold blanky"... It's one of those that is silky on one side and fuzzy on the other and the silky part always feels "Cold" to him. I told him it was too early to be up and we walked back to his room. I got him and his cold blanky tucked back into bed.

At 6:23, along came Joe. =) Shortly after that, his little friend had heard his door, and joined us. So, it's saturday morning and I've been up since 5:55. I had told Joe, the night before, that I was not getting out of bed until 7am... and I was stickin to it!

So, he said, "Ok mama" and proceeded to collect goodies to bring into my room. All of the reusable ice packs made their way out of the freezer and into my room and then... the fort. The fort is my friend though, because it captivated both of them and allowed me to just be. So, I laid there while they created until it was PICTURE TIME!

Someone called me a "Documentary Mama" the other day... It almost makes me want to change the name to my blog... I love that! These moments fly by so fast and I already forget so many of them. I would LOVE, when my kids are older and I have a few minutes to myself, to print these moments in a book. I can't even imagine how fun it would be to read through these stories and pictures one day with my grandkids!  Not only THAT, but one day these stories and pictures can bring comfort to my boys, as their kids are doing the very same things!  So, "Documentary Mama" I am!

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