The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Look what Santa Left!

Joe just came running into my office, "Mama, you are NOT going to believe this!"... I looked at him with anticipation. He said, "You know how Santa comes down the chimney?" ...yes..."Well, I just opened it up and I found this!!!"
A plug to a water gun! ;)
He continued, "Santa left one of his BELLS!" He was so sure of himself and so in awe of what he had discovered. He kept walking around, "I just can't believe this." He told me I needed to call Santa, and I told him I couldn't because he's on his vacation right now. ha ha ha  Then, he held it up to his ear and wiggled it. He said, "It's just like the movie, I can't hear the sound!" Oh that boy, so cute!

"What does Overwhelm mean?"...

1st Day Joe ever wore Flip Flops!

The other night, Joe was SO SAD that Aaron was gone. He wanted him to pray with him before bed (and we couldn't call cuz his job was too loud to hear anything)... Joe was just tore up and I prayed. I prayed, "Lord, please overwhelm our house with peace tonight.".... When I was done with the prayer, he said, "Mama, what does overwhelm mean?"... I told him, "Well, if you are super frustrated, God can just sweep through your body and wipe all of that away and make you have peace." My poor boy burst into an uncontrollable cry and said, "Can you pray that for me?" Awwwww. So, I said, "Well Joe...I would love to, but I also think it would be great for you to talk to God about your heart on your own sometimes too, so hold my hand and you ask God for what you want." He held my hand and through tears asked God to overwhelm him with peace. ;);) So sweet.

Typically, Aaron or I do the nighttime prayer, but I've been having Joe take his own turns to be in charge of the prayers. At first, he thanked God for dinner. ;) That was the only time they had been in charge of prayer, so that had that down! lol Last night, I told him, "Mama's throat hurts so I can't talk well...would you like to pray tonight?"... He grabbed my hand, and with out me telling him what to pray for at all... He asked the Lord to heal Mama and make her better, and he asked the Lord to help Dada drive safely home today... He thanked him for our fun day and for the great sleep we would have. I was so impressed with him. When he said Amen, I rubbed his forehead and told him, "Wow buddy, you have really gotten good at talking to God." He smiled this proud smile that was so sweet!

If my boys getting bigger means I get to see their own depth in the Lord grow, then I'm not so sad to see them grow... I stand in awe of my God who loves us all so much, he woo's our hearts and makes it so easy for us to love Him.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Something I love...

This has made its way on my "loved" list. I will admit, I "copy and pasted" the picture from a website, and then "fixed" it to have our names and anniversary instead of the original. It is so tender and sweet and something Aaron and I would have done if we found ourselves next to that tree... and, as we all know... if I had my camera, I would have taken this very picture! ha ha ha I have decided, I want to own this picture someday...It's $50 on the website...what goal should I set for myself to earn it?...reach my goal weight?...don't yell at the boys for a week straight? hmmm. Maybe I'll just leave a hint on my husband's desk! That's the ticket! Anything that makes my heart smile towards the love Aaron and I have, is worth way more than $50 to me... I WILL own this! ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Uncle Bonding...

Uncle JJ got to come for an Easter visit! The boys had two fun days of playing with him and just spending time. This was at the end of his visit, cuddling to a movie. They have always gotten "Uncle Ricky" and "Uncle Justin" confused... I think, after some great time in Sonoma we just had with Uncle Ricky and now a great visit with Uncle Justin... they FINALLY know the difference! ha ha ha

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break in Sonoma!

The boys and I got to take a trip up to visit my family in Sonoma for Spring Break. At the end of our 10 day trip and 90 miles into our drive home, we got a call from Dada that he was headed up north. So, we turned around and got to continue our vacation with Dada in Sonoma!  Here are some fun pictures from our adventures!
Me and my handsome fellas.

Matthew REALLY wanted Dada to ride bikes with him!

Meme brought Joe a cake again... yes, a whole cake!

Matthew LOVED sharing the cake!

The kids used the red cups for a water fight!

Me and Meme...I love our times of getting together with her!

Dada brought his trailer and busted out the screen for a night time outdoor movie for the kids!

Joe's face painting from Matthew's birthday party!

I love this man, and I love this view!

Aunti Christina made Matthew's "Turtle Cake"..."fire shoes" and all! SO great!

Christina also made a cake for cousin Abe, who turned 2 while we were visiting!!

Matthew, in deep conversation with his Great Grandpa Don.

"Cubby GG" holding our newest cousin Ronan...and Mr Lips sharing a kiss!
We had a great time... So many adventures. Matthew's Birthday, Abel's Birthday, Mama sang at church, Joe got to walk from my friend Katie's house to his friend Ben's school where we all picked him up from Kindergarten... for a 6yr old, that is PRETTY cool stuff! He also got to have a sleep over at his cousin's house down the street!! 

There is one thing that hit my heart very hard when I was in Sonoma this time. I was taking my boys for a walk down the road to visit their cousins, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Sometimes it's hard for me to be thankful for all the time that Aaron has to be away for work. On that day, with the breeze blowing, the sun shinning, my boys laughing, and me able to be with them with out concern of work... I was VERY thankful. I sent my husband a txt to thank him for all the work he does, so the boys and I can enjoy moments like that.  I'm SO thankful for the opportunity to travel to see my family and to just play with my boys and enjoy time with them.

Costco: the best place for lunch with a growing boy!

He finished the whole thing, minus a small piece of crust! He's getting thick and I'm not ready for the growth spurt that is soon to follow.

Im thankful THIS is what he's doing to be like me. :)

I put on a movie in my living room for Matthew, so I could walk on my treadmill while Joe was at school. When I was done, he stood on my treadmill and said he wanted to be like me.  I LOVED that! So, I turned it on very slow, 1mph, and let him stroll for a few.

Look at all those white cows!

The last time we drove to Sonoma, something happened that I just didn't want to forget.  We drove past a field and Joe gasped. He said, "Look at all those white cows!" I looked over and saw a field of sheep! ha ha ha I realized at that moment that my boy needed a bit more time in the country! ;)