The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bear Wrangling

The boys and I had some fun looking through old pictures today. This one caught my attention. I didn't know, at that point in his life... this boy is meant to wrangle bears. Hopefully not quite literally, but God has given him a will and personality that can (and I believe will) move mountains. It's tough for the young ones with so much inside of them, to know how to handle it... so, for now, sometimes his "bear" is just himself and he has to learn how to wrangle it and teach it control. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our Rainy Day

The boys and I have had a few tough days lately, for various reasons... which will remain nameless. lol  I heard the weather called for rain, and I was praying it would bring a calm to our property and a relaxing day. I was thankful to have nothing on the schedule, that's for sure.

The weatherman was right, it's raining... right now, it's raining HARD. It was just 90 degrees, so this is hard to believe actually.

The morning started out similar to others. About 6:20am, I heard the front door slam, and then Joe as he came running into my room with panic in his voice. He said, "Mama, I was out letting the cats out and I saw a coyote and he was going like this *insert heavy breathing here*, and HE CHASED ME!"  (Now, I don't know about you, but I'm thinkin... coyotes run away from people.) :) I told him to stay in the house, and the coyote can't get him! I wasn't ready to get up yet!

Later, as the rain picked up again, and the boys were playing Wii, Joe asked if he could go outside in the rain. My first response was, "No, not right now." When he asked again 5 minutes later, I thought "eh, why not?"... He asked if he could get his water clothes on and go run around outside. I said, "Sure."

So, as Matthew was snuggled up with "Boots" the cat, watching a movie in the warm house... Joe was running circles around our house enjoying the rain.

My instructions to Joe were, "When you're ready to be done, please do not come in the house... just let me know when you're ready and I'll help you come in!" :) We have a back door that opens to a tile floor, very close to the bathroom!  So, 5 minutes in, he came back for his rain coat... about an hour later, he was done. We got him in a hot bath to warm up that little body, where he spent another peaceful hour. :) My boy loves water.

When they were all dry and warm again, I made us toast with Nutella on it. I handed Matthew his piece and he said, "Oh, this is hot bread.... Hey, it's hot chocolate bread!" :) His little thoughts crack me up.

We're all back to playing Wii and enjoying the sound of the rain pouring in from the open front door. When Joe decided to come in, the rain had let up almost completely... so, he was a little bummed to hear it pick up stronger than ever! Thankfully, he didn't want to go back out! Ha ha ha

I love rainy days... I love my boys... and I love that everyone is made perfectly in their own way.

Friday, September 6, 2013

1st Day of School 2013

I haven't been posting as regularly as I used to... I wanted to catch up a bit. :) Here are some shots from their first day of school! Matthew was excited, Joe.... not so much. You'll see that on his face in his new classroom. I did not get a photo of him with his teacher, but I'll throw in the one I took of her! When I dropped them off that first day, I left and I prayed all day. I prayed for peace for both of them, for a brave heart and for joy. I asked the Lord to please help me have two happy boys when I picked them up! Praise the Lord, after that first day, Joe ran up to me saying, "3rd grade is BETTER than Kindergarten!!" (he thought kindergarten was easy and fun). Matthew struggled in the first week with crying as I dropped him off. He was fine the first day, but then the next day a girl absolutely screamed and clung to her mom and it freaked Matthew out! Poor guy. I spent the first two weeks walking him to his class and standing in line with him to go in... Now, I can drop them both off at the circle. :) Matthew is proud that he's not crying anymore.
Giving "Chocolate" some morning love.

"Boots" needed some too.

There's a cool, tree covered, path to Joe's class.

Mrs. Haber.

Mr. Happy.... um, not.

Mrs. Katzel

Hot Air Balloon Adventure!

This morning, before school, Joe noticed some hot air balloons in the distance... He watched them for quite a while, until it was time to go. On the way to school, I noticed that if I took a longer route to school, we could probably be very close to them... We had built in some "play before school" time at the playground, so we used it for this instead! SO fun to make these kind of memories that they will never forget! ♥ Adventures!
The view from our house.

I stopped when I saw an opening to get them a shot!

Then we realized we could get RIGHT up to them!

Joe picked up the stick. I asked him to put it down, he said, "Mama, it's a souvenir!" lol

Such a fun adventure. <3