The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Talking back...and Lessons Learned

It's funny, sometimes I just sit here and stare at my picture, trying to figure out where to start.

We have this little problem with our son. Well, it's a big problem actually. Talking Back. *sigh* He is very smart and feels the need to try to negotiate anything and everything. I always say he will either be a pastor or a lawyer: Both need to make a good argument and be persuasive! ha ha ha

When Aaron picked Joe up today, the teacher told him it was Joe's most difficult day...He talked back to her and threw a bit of a fit when something didn't go his way.

So, Joe went to his room as we thought of the punishment to not only fit the crime but END the crime! ha ha ha The perfect idea popped into mind: Writing an apology!!! So, I went to my computer and google'd "kindergarten writing paper." ha ha ha I had to print out paper that had those special lines for little learners (yeah, I know, I should already own that for him!).

I wrote on the top line, "I am sorry Mrs. Cameron." I sat him down at the lonely desk at the top of the stairs, which we never use. I gave him 3 pieces of paper, which would equal 20 times of writing that sentence, and I watched him do it once. Then, I walked away and wanted him to feel the ouch factor of having to sit there alone and get it done. I checked on him once, it was looking rough, but "good" (as in, all the letters were represented)... Then, he said, "I'm Done"... I had him bring me the papers. The second two pages just said, "I am Mrs. Cameron." He had shortened it because he had a hard time getting the whole name on one line. lol

Unfortunately for him, that meant he got to do two pages over again, the way he had been asked to do it. BUT, I did shorten it to "Mrs. C" for him.

Eventually, after me sitting there and making sure he was doing it RIGHT... and after much complaining about his fingers feeling like they can't hold the pencil anymore (and many Mama moments of, "Well, you remember that next time you want to talk back, now pick it up and finish!")... He finished.

He was actually begging to just go take his nap instead of finish! ha ha ha He's typically begging for NO nap! So, now he's asleep and I feel brain dead after all that!... Let's see if it helps him THINK BEFORE BACK TALKING next time!!!

*Fingers Crossed*

p.s. He did say, when he got home, "Mama, I don't deserve any treat today for the way I treated Mrs. Cameron." I think that's pretty cute and it's great that he's aware AFTER the fact... now, just getting him to think BEFORE is our next task! lol

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