The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Legs hurt sooooo bad

We went to Disneyland today with my friend Shavonne and her two boys. Corey is only 18 months, so he doesn't get the "coolest dude" status yet that Chris gets. Chris is 5 and very similar in energy and smarts to Joe. They are "The perfect Storm" when together! ha ha ha  I'm going to put some pictures in here from our fun night, but I wanted to tell you about something funny first...

When it was time to leave, Joe began to cry. He wasn't ready, he didn't want to leave his friend Chris (who's mom had parked somewhere different than us and we had to part ways at the gate). It was about 7pm and there was obvious exhaustion setting in all over the place! As we walked to the car (bypassing a tram that would have taken us right there)... Joe starts in with, "My legs are so tired, I feel like I'm going to fall." I told him he just had to keep on going and we were going to get there! He continued with the same plea for help and crying... oh the crying.

So anyway, we got to an area where there was a "Cross the street button" a little ways ahead. I said, "Go ahead Joe, you can go in front of us to go push the button." (He LOVES doing that.) He started to RUN and then he instantly took a glance at me and went back into a mopey walk... still proving that his legs were T-I-R-E-D! lol It just cracked me up that he thought, after a split second, to be pitiful to prove his point! That kid!

Here are some fun pics from our evening!
 I thought this one was fun with our two biggest boys in the background.

 Joe fell at one point during the day and scraped his elbow. He was crying and pretty much freaking out, so Chris said, "Come on man, be a man!" lol I love this kid. He's the same kid who came over to play the other day and when Joe talked back to me, Chris said, "Joe, we don't talk back to our moms!" SO cute!
 Corey... oh sweet precious Corey, who refuses to smile for me and almost gives a smirk of, "You wont get me woman!" lol... One day Corey, One day!!

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