The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jimmy... our new friend.

This is our friend Jimmy... He was Joe's homework this week. We were to use anything we had around the house to decorate him. Joe and I got a great idea of using fruit loops... then, I didn't like using only crazy fruit loop colors, so I suggested our chocolate milk mix... We wanted the wings to be a bit different, so coffee came into the picture!

Out came the glue and the q-tips for glue painting. Plastic cups for sorting fruit loops, and a knife to use for crushing them up (a butter knife and under supervision of course!)... Joe LOVED the job of crushing the fruit loops... and I was glad he enjoyed me doing the glue painting... because, I'm a control freak and I wanted it to be neat! Ha ha ha, just being honest.

When we were done with the turkey, we had plastic cups full of different colored fruit loops, a bit of chocolate milk powder and a tiny bit of coffee. Joe decided he would make a potion that would make him have ice cream in his hand. Yes, that is what HE said.  So, everything got mixed into one cup, we added a touch of diet coke, a touch of hazelnut creamer, milk, and apple juice. He mixed the concoction with pride. Matthew was watching the whole time and decided HE wanted to drink it!

I switched my camera from pictures to video and away we went! Here are some potion pics and the video will be added once I upload it to YouTube!

Last night, after my kids were FINALLY in bed for good, I cried. I felt frustrated and I felt like I had slipped down to the bottom of the parenting ladder in my own behavior.  To go from THAT to his FUN time with my boys was such a blessing to me. Joe told me he thought I was the coolest mom for letting him make the potion and "Even use a KNIFE as my stirring stick!"

All is well in this moment... in this second... but I know the full picture is a true work out up and down that "ladder" I mentioned. DEEP BREATH... here we GOOOOOO!!! lol
A few more pics:

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