The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Ok, so is it just me, or is it near impossible to get two little boys to go to bed and STAY THERE???

I have to share the story from tonight:

I put them in bed, said prayer with each of them, sang my songs, gave them loves... and I go out. That is their que to GO TO SLEEP!

First, Joe comes downstairs. Darn, I can't remember the first excuse, but I got him back in bed. Then, he came out again. He said, "I can't find my blanky, will you come help me?"... I, knowing I get too mad sometimes, sent him upstairs to look for it and I would soon follow. He didn't find it. I didn't see it anywhere, so I told him he needed to be more responsible for his things and he needed to get in bed with out it. All of the sudden, he knew EXACTLY where it was, tucked under a stuffed animal on the side of his bed.

**Insert me, red faced with steam flying out of my ears!!!**

The conversation about lying began and I will admit to a voice getting too high and my level of frustration pretty much being out of control. (I should add, before I left his room the first time, we had a talk about him STAYING because he has been waking me up in the middle of the night for unacceptable reasons...and he promised he'd stay in bed!)

Then... I finally think he will stay in bed, if for no other reason... to not face the beast that I just was in his room again! LOL

No such luck.

Just as I'm starting to take deep breaths and settle into my adult time... There he is. "Mama, please don't give me discipline, but I got up to go potty and Matthew's light is on."

As I sternly stand up (if that makes any sense)... he starts making his way up the stairs. I told him it was none of his concern and to get himself back in his bed right away. I open Matthew's door and he's laying there with his light on wide awake (this is 9pm, when I put them BOTH in bed at 7:45). He starts to say he wanted me to sing another song and HE just about saw the red face with steam coming out of the ears! LOL

When I put them to bed... IT IS BED TIME. I am NOT ok with little boys deciding it is ok to just get up because they think they should.

So, I left Matthew's room with him tucked in but tearful because I would not give in to his request for another song and I did inform him that my wooden spoon would enter the room with me if I had to enter it again.

Joe had left his door open, so I went to close it. I hear him yelp, "Mama, Tuck me in!"... GRRRR... My rule is: I WILL ONLY TUCK YOU ONCE!... I told him, "I already tucked you in." He began to throw a FIT. ... Can you guess my "look" at that moment... Red faced with steam coming out the ears... yep, you guessed it.

Sometimes, I envy my husband's ability to stay calm in their face. There have been times he has gestured to punch the wall when he walks OUT of their room... but, he typically maintains his composure when WITH them.

Tonight, each boy has seen a side of me I don't like. That's frustrating to me on it's own, but then you add on top of that... THEY WILL NOT JUST STAY IN THEIR BEDS! I guess this has turned into a venting session. This is night 7 with Dada gone for work and it's just, well, hard. I hope he's ready to be the tough guy when he gets home, cuz I'm pretty sure I'm going to sit on the couch and say, "Dada, they need YOU!" anytime after 8pm! HA HA HA

I just wish they would be tucked in, be loved on, be sung to, and be happy to snuggle in to sleep. LORD KNOWS they never want to wake up when it's time to get UP for Joe's school in the mornin! lol

Anyway... g'night.

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  1. I love this story, & just so you know, you aren't alone. My kids will get up sometimes - but I'm more talking about the part where we as parents become frustrated with their "insistant rule breaking" =) I love the part about Aaron keeping cool with them, & then doing a "punch wall move" on the way out - ha ha... ALSO, I think it's good for children to see "real emotion" at times. You don't go "red faced with steam" all the time, & this is a real world, they need to learn to deal with other people's emotions, reactions, etc... real life is good for them =)