The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Joe's First Tooth Fairy Experience.

Ok, so Dada got home yesterday and Joe was SO EXCITED to finally put his tooth under his pillow. He and Dada got an envelope together and Joe drew a picture for the Tooth fairy. He wrote a little note and proudly put it under his pillow (I'll try to sneak in a picture later!)

Joe told Aaron, "Dada, when Mama was a little girl, she got a quarter for her tooth. I heard I'm gonna get two bucks!" So, Dada does a math lesson: "How many quarters are in two bucks?" They had a little talk and came to the 8 quarter conclusion.

So, the tooth fairy got a bit creative. She printed a picture of herself on the top left corner of her envelope with her title above. There was a little note, "Remember to Brush Your Teeth" under neath. Then, she put Joe's name with his picture... and 8 quarters!

I thought for sure Joe would come running into our room about 3am to show off his new envelope!... Turns out, he stayed in bed all night, got woken up by his alarm and completely forgot about the envelope! LOL He came walking downstairs with his school clothes on, where I am always making his breakfast. I said, "SOOO, WHAT HAPPENED?" with the most excited voice I could conjure up! lol He looked at me kinda crooked and said, "nothing." And then it happened, his face LIT UP and he said, "OH MAN, I FORGOT!" and he went running up the stairs.

It is a cute memory and I will try to add to this a picture of his envelope and the tooth fairy's soon!  Now, he's working on tooth number 2!

Oh, and I Forgot to say... Matthew said, "I want to get money!" I said, "You'll have to wait until you turn 5 also and start losing teeth." He said, "I want money for doing nothing." HA HA HA... Smart boy, but hopefully more ambition hits him with age! ;)

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  1. That is such a sweet story. I can totally picture Joe's face when he remembered LOL You are a great momma and a great write Nicole!!