The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Joe's 1st Tooth Lost!!!

This was the beginning of the end. He got it crooked and couldn't get it back again. I said, "That's it then, we can't go to sleep until that baby comes out!" He looked at me with nervous eyes. I told him to twist it. He did, and couldn't get it to come out. I said, "Twist it the other way!"... He did, and his face lit up. "IT'S OUT, It's REALLY REALLY OUT!" lol
Here is the most current "New smile pic"... although, I have a feeling it'll be changing again soon! The one right next to it is loose and Joe is not going to leave it alone now that he knows it's fun to have it come out!
I had to take this next pic... It's what we have ALL done in our lives as teeth fall out... the tongue test. Getting used to that new hole in the mouth!  He said he was glad it was gone because now, atleast he didn't feel it hit his other tooth funny when he tried to chew! ;)
We have decided to keep the tooth in a special spot until Dada gets home... Joe doesn't want the tooth fairy to take it before Dada gets to see it! So stinkin cute!

Like I said before... I'm excited for Joe, but a touch sad to see that baby tooth go. ;)

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