The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Moments with Matthew...

* So, Joe says, "I miss Dada." Matthew stands there and says, "I miss God."... I smiled and said, "You can't miss God, He's in your heart all the time!"... He said, "I want to go in my heart then!" lol

* I was doing homework with Joe tonight, part of which was doing the alphabet together. Matthew is getting really good at all the sounds and letters too. When we were done with the alphabet, I asked, "How many letters are in the alphabet." Joe looked at me like I was insane for thinking he would know the answer. Matthew sat there quietly and said, "26 letters." I thought for sure I heard him wrong, so I asked him what he said... "26 Letters." I started to laugh... "Where did you learn that buddy?"... "The frog movie taught me." The Frog Movie = LeapFrog... We have "Letter Factory" "Talking Words Factory" and "Word Capor" (sp? lol)... So, I guess they are worth their investment with my 3yr old being able to tell me the letters/sounds and how many letters there are in the alphabet! lol

*  Matthew just walked up to me and said, "Mama, you're delicious." =)

* Earlier today, Aaron called and I just wanted a few uninterupted minutes to talk wtih him... So, I went in my room and locked the doors. Matthew stood outside my room screaming for me to let him in. He was VERY upset that I put a barrier between he and I. When I opened the door to tell him he was in trouble for his behavior, he looked at me with water filled eyes and a quivering lip and said, "I love you and you're a princess." Ugh, that boy!

* He ALWAYS wants his turtle costume on... ALWAYS. He's been bringing it to me periodically today to ask if he can have it on. I've turned him down. =) Just now, he brought it to me and said, "Mama, could you put my turtle on?" I said, "Sure Bud, but did you say please?"  He said, "Yes" then a pause... then, "I did when I asked you LAST TIME!" lol

They are both so much fun. Matthew tends to be the more quiet one, so his humor and mental adventures get left behind sometimes for Joe's overwhelming personality, humor and mental adventures! (I love that term, "Mental Adventures"... Joe especially will have a complete adventure all to himself in his head! lol)


  1. I love the delicious comment!! And the turtle/please story! Hilarious!!

  2. You are a delicious princess. and your princes are deeeeeelightful.