The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

He shouldn't STINK yet! ? !

I cleaned my house today. I even used Pine-Sol, one of my favorite smelling cleaners. I conquered the "Playroom" which had conquered me days previous. It's so overwhelming.  A small pumpkin that had dried up from last year and was being used as a maraca of sorts... had busted. There was pumpkin dust, seeds, and hard pumpkin shell all intermingled with toys and rug. Ugh!  It taunted me for a few days...

Today... IT IS CLEAN! (I should take a picture! lol)

BUT, as my kitchen is clean, the dishes are put away, the dining room is vacuumed with a pine-sol'd table... clean... I smell something. WHAT IS IT???... Oh man, it STINKS!

I'm looking around to see my 3yr old wiggling his freshly free'd toes. He had been wearing his sandals and apparently they don't get along with his feet.  HE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO STINK YET!!! I should have till about 12yrs old before he starts these body odors!  I mean really, come on! ha ha ha

So, I sprayed his shoes with Pine-Sol and washed his feet... all is well in the house again! HA HA HA

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  1. I cannot believe you washed your son with Pine Sol! HA HA! =)