The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh Matthew... The marker wasn't meant for the walls, or the toys, or the tv!

Poor little garbage truck didn't know how dirty he'd get today.
Sorry little garbage truck, I didn't know either or I would have rescued you!

Oh pretty white walls, I would have stopped it.
Shiney white tile and pretty brown tv stand.
Handsome little legs.
Expensive TV Screen.
Nice new white socks.

If I would have only known, I could have stopped the beast who went and found the markers on the table where Joe and I had done homework. I would have been able to say, "No, don't play with those, they are only for homework," and I could have rescued you!

Ok... all joking aside now... HE DID IT.. yep, you can see the proof. I told him, "You sit right there, I need to get my camera so I can show Dada what you've done!"  He sat still and scared as he KNEW what he had done was discipline worthy! (How many times have I felt that way?)... I went and got him a papertowel and sprinkled some cleaner on it. I handed it to him and said, "If you're big enough to make a mess, you're big enough to clean it up!" He scrubbed. It was VERY hard to not swoop in and help, because after all I could do a quick and easy job of it and his little hands had to work hard to fix what he had done. (Another "oh dear Lord, is this how you feel?" moment).

He was done cleaning the walls, the tile, the tv, the ground... and I couldn't stand it anymore... I said, "Ok, now go to your room and I will be there in a minute."

I cleaned the rest. I was thankful it was a "washable" marker, but even then it didn't want to come off the wood. I had some special cleaner that got it off of all stained wood, but the raw wood on one toy will forever bear the mark of Matthew's mistake.

I went upstairs and sat on the stairs outside of his room. I said, "Matthew, come to your Mama." As he walked out of his door, he was scanning the view for "The Spoon." He looked at my hands, my lap, next to me and then he got on his tiny tippy toes and saw it still sitting in "it's place" on the counter. 

Next to me only sat a box of wipes. I said, "Matthew, what do you need to say to your Mama?"... He said, "I'm sorry for coloring on your walls." and I said... AND?... "your toys"....AND... "your ground"... I said AND MY SON!... He had a bashful face and said, "I promise I'll never do it again."

Even if he did it again, he truly meant what he said in that moment... and I forgive him. Hmmm... God and I were having a lesson together, while I was having a lesson with Matthew.

So, I brought Matthew to me, hugged him, pulled out a wipe and started cleaning his arms, legs and feet.  What was interesting to me in the scope of my lesson with the Lord... I had completely forgiven Matthew, but the marker left a faint mark on Matthew's body that will take a little bit of time to go away before he can forget what he's done.... So true in my life with my mistakes too. I wish I could let go as easily as God does.

So, the house is clean, the toys (apart from that one raw wood one) are clean, the tv survived, the rug is clean, his socks even got clean... nobody would even know the event ever occured. BUT, oddly enough, I'm glad it did... and I'm glad both my boy and I learned a great lesson today!


  1. Love how you handled this situation! But even more, I love how you allowed something in "everyday life" teach you something. I have to admite, I've always admired people who can do that! I'm still working on allowing God to teach me things through events and circumstances.

  2. Susan, I am SO NOT, but I have my amazing moments! lol... Tricia, I would have NEVER thought you struggled with that! Once you start to notice little things, it'll just pour out infront of you! I remember, in high school, having a very intentional time of noticing... now, it's just like everything speaks to me! ;)