The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good Morning Pastor Joel!!!

There is a man in our church who quickly became one of Joe's favorite people. You see, Pastor Joel always remembered his name and greeted him with a very animated "GOOD MORNING JOE JACKSON!" They'd yell to each other from across the children's area and Joe would just dart off running on mornings when he spotted Pastor Joel before I did!  Pastor Joel was the children's pastor at Crossroads and we got to see him every Sunday morning... The boys woke up and got dressed nicely because they knew we had to show up early to have time to say hi to Pastor Joel.

Well... Pastor Joel's role is changing and he'll be a teacher at the school now. He wont be there early checking on everything for the children's ministry on Sunday mornings. My heart was happy for him, but sad for us because I know how much my boys will miss running in to Pastor Joel!

So, this morning, I stole a picture of of Joel's facebook and put it as Joe's desktop background. Before he left for school, I told him, "There is someone who wanted to say hi to you, turn on your computer."  He turned it on and this was his face as he saw who wanted to say hi! =)  I shared with Joe how Pastor Joel's role is changing, but that I was sure we'd run into him sometimes and it'll just make it even more special when we do!

He smiled. I love that boy!

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