The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Splash Mountain makes a BIG SPLASH!!!

(I wish the picture were clearer, it was SO CUTE!)
Ok... So, our Disneyland season passes expire on 10/15... Last year, they were Aaron and I's Anniversary presents to each other.  This year, not only have the prices gone up at Disney, but we've cut a lot of costs so I can be a stay at home mom. So, Goodbye Disney, Hello mom... Good trade.  It'll be sad the first time Joe says, "Can we go" and I know we can't... but, I'll come up with something fun.

Anyway... back to Splash Mountain! Aaron and I were trying to take the boys on things that they hadn't gone on before and were JUST tall enough for. To go on Splash Mountain, you have to be 40 inches. Matthew is actually probably more like 39.5, but we fluffed his oh so fluffable hair and showed him how to stand REAL tall... AND HE MADE IT!

The line said, "70 minutes wait"... gulp... but our passes, and Aaron's out of town so much... we HAD TO endure it for the experience! Mom gives the oh so mom of a speech, "Ok now boys, this is going to be a LONG line, but it's SUCH a great ride!" 

At that moment, a nice teenage guy named Patrick walked up. He said, "Hey, my aunt and I have this pass to get 6 people to the front of the line, we were wondering if you guys wanted to come?"..... YES!!!!!!... no hesitation from us! lol He was the nicest guy and said he was looking around for people who he thought it would make a difference for. He was visiting from Rhode Island!... WOW, such a blessing. We had only been in line about 2 minutes when he came.


Joe was pretty nervous because he couldn't help but notice the big drop he saw while in line. BUT, he did really well. Matthew was in the front of the boat and he was not scared. He held on to the handrails and said, "You don't need to hold me mama, except for the big drop." lol Smart boy. Joe, on the other hand, said, "HOLD ME TIGHT DADA!" lol... That boy does NOT like new things AT ALL!

As you can see from the pic (although you can't see Matthew too good)... Matthew had a super excited, "OH MY GOODNESS" wide eye'd, kinda nervous face as we went over the edge... I had a closed eye, "I hate this, but I'll do it for my boys and I'm squeezin this kid tight" face... Joe had a open mouthed, screaming, "I'M TRYING TO LIKE THIS" kinda face and Aaron... he looks pretty happy to be on the ride with his boys, even though he was not happy about all the water! lol

All in all... amazing experience with the help of the kindness of Patrick! If we had to wait those 70 minutes, it would have dwindled the enjoyment for these two parents! =)

It was a great time enjoying our family and some fun new rides... but, my secret hope is, they don't want to do that one again! LOL

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