The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Update from God =)

Ok, this one is just about me (I know, boring, right?) lol...

The other day, I was cleaning my house and talking to God... I said, "Lord, it sure would be nice to see your face and to hear your voice give me an update on how you think I'm doing RIGHT NOW in my life." I smiled and thought, "Yeah, I know, it's in the Bible... you laid it out pretty plain." But... I continued to talk to him about how I'd love to see Him and hear Him and know how He truly feels about how I'm doing right now.  I'd just love an "Atta girl" or "Get it together." lol

While I was cleaning, I got a picture in my mind. A huge rock... I'm talking a slab that was what I have enjoyed calling a "Vast expanse of ROCK!"... Pretty much like dropping someone off in the center of the desert and it turning to rock (is that a good visual for you?)... There I was, standing on this rock, looking around.

I didn't hear an audible voice or anything, but along with the picture in my mind came a thought, "Upon the Solid Rock you stand." ... I kind of took it as an update from God. He sees me, and I'm standing on Him. I smiled. I enjoyed the picture in my head and even put it on my facebook page.

THEN... I get to church this morning and Pastor Chuck talked about standing on the SOLID ROCK! LOL... Seriously!

I just had to share. Although I'd still like some crazy flat screen tv to pop outa the sky and God to be on it face to face with me sharing with me his thoughts on... well, ME! (ok, so I'm feeling kinda self centered after writing that)... But anyway, even though I'd just like to have that one on one with his face and his voice... I'm thankful that He does share with us...

I am happy to be standing on the vast expanse of SOLID ROCK that will never shake, will never move, will never crack... I can stand firm and my feet can always be planted. Though my earthly knees may shake or buckle... though my tongue might fail me... though my heart might give out...though my imperfections annoy the snot out of me...

UPON THE SOLID ROCK I STAND... and I'm so thankful!

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