The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's the day After Christmas and all through the house...

The morning has come and even with ALL the excitement of yesterday, my boys STILL did not sleep in! ha ha ha My husband, on the other hand, is in bed sick. I'm sick in my heart that he is having to deal with being sick on yet another holiday. Thanksgiving was pretty much horrible with ALL of us sick, and now Aaron is under the weather again. Darn it!

The boys... well, they both came out of their rooms with Pillow Pets in hand. I'm currently holding "Puppy Pillow Pet" for Matthew, so he can go potty. I'm not allowed to kiss him, because I might make him dirty... and as I gave Puppy the required hug for babysitting rights, Matthew also used his hands in hugging motion with out even realizing he was doing it. Before he would leave to potty, he "tickled" his pillow pet and said, "Goochy Goochy Goo."

Joe is in the playroom, the race track is going in full motion. He's used pieces of cardboard from his Christmas presents to add tunnels... I hear the "thump thump thump" of the cars going through the motorized parts and the giggle of my happy boy. Joe is hoping the sun will come out today because I told him I would take him to the big wide open park to fly his new helicopter if it did.

Today is a day of cleaning and packing, cuz tomorrow we leave for Kingsburg and Sonoma. I'm so excited to see my family! Here are some of the pictures both from going to our churches Christmas Eve service and from our Christmas day! Nana and Papa came to the service with us and spent the night to enjoy Christmas with us too!! So much fun!

They never new a snowflake could be so big!

Mr Personality lately! Little goofball.

He was standing on a rock, ready to JUMP!


He was DONE...the second he saw it! In Heaven!

Joe wanted this track SO BADLY!

We are LOVING his new thumb action on "Mine."

He sat in there to open some presents. Goofy Boy.

The boxes were the favorite new thing! ha ha ha

I LOVED watching his Jump Shots!

Joe & Papa shootin some Hoops!

Merry Christmas with so much love, from the Jackson family!

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