The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Joe's Friend Sleeps Over!!

Joe and Jackson have been friends since before they knew it. Their dads have been friends almost since they were their age... aka: A LONG time! (love ya babe)... We knew the day would come for a sleepover, but just hadn't planned for it. The Duncans were coming over for dinner and Joe says, "Hey, I have a sleeping bag, so Jackson could spend the night!?!"  Aaron and I looked at each other and came to the conclusion Joe was right. Jackson COULD sleep over, now WOULD he?  Aaron gave them a call and Jackson made the decision that he would! Both boys were SO excited. As Jackson packed up his bag with his mom, they had no idea that Joe had the same pajamas. They LOVED matching!

When it came time to sleep, Joe's room freaked Jackson out a bit. There are hundreds of glowing stars on the ceiling and hanging glow in the dark planets. Jackson said, "Nicole, could you please leave the door open just a little bit so I can see the light and know I'm not REALLY in space?" Ha ha ha, so cute!

So, with the door slightly open and the two munchkins in their beds, I walked out fully aware that they were NOT going to sleep! Although I knew they wouldn't, I didn't expect the mayhem that was soon to follow. I kind of thought they would stay in their beds and giggle and talk their way to sleep. Not so much. We heard the pounding of little feet and had to go get them back in bed... about 5 times. Then, the giggling would grow louder than a quiet giggle... the whole house heard full on laughter. Laughter IS cute, but when it gets to be 11:00PM... not so much. Ha ha ha

Aaron went in and did the scary dad, "IT IS TIME FOR SLEEP NOW!" move and we fully expected sleep to soon follow. Again, not so much. Finally, at midnight, I decided to go to sleep. This was Jackson's first sleep over anywhere, so I had wanted to stay awake until I knew he was asleep and comfortable. As I tiredly made my way up the stairs at midnight, I STILL heard giggling from Joe's room! Crazy boys!

Much to my dismay, Matthew still woke up at 6:30... Joe woke up at 7:20 (in a MOOD I might add)... and Jackson slept till 9!!! Joe had a hard time learning how to see what his friend wanted to do, instead of demanding his friend comes to do what HE wants to do. It's normal for the age, but it's tough for the Mama! lol  Here are some pictures from their first sleepover!! (I should add, the two little brothers were SO SAD they couldn't have a sleep over!)

I told them to show me what it will look like when they are sleeping. ;)

Playing Computer games in the Morning.

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