The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Our MUD Day!!

It was 30 minutes before time to pick up Joe. I could tell Matthew had some energy to burn, and Joe ALWAYS has energy to burn. Aaron is helping someone today and will not be home until their bedtime or after. So, I know it was either burn them out or get burnt out by the end of the night! ha ha ha

The only problem is, it's raining. So, my instant thought was, "The park is out." Adding to that, I am not spending any money this month on fast food playground adventures. So, I ponder, what to do, what to do? Then it hit me, is the park REALLY out?

I went upstairs to get clothes on that I wasn't concerned about getting dirty. I got Matthew a pair of sweats to put over the long sleeved long legged jammies he was already wearing. I grabbed Joe's rain boots, and Matthews oldest shoes. Got Joe some sweatpants and grabbed an armful of towels.

When we picked up Joe, he couldn't imagine why I was telling him to take his shoes and his pants off! Matthew was giggling because he knew the surprise!  Finally, as Joe was putting his rain boots on, it hit him, "We're going to get WET!" Matthew couldn't handle it anymore, "Joe we are going to the PARK!" I giggled at this point, sensing their excitement. Joe was still a bit confused as the rain drizzled on the windshield (We did all this in the school parking lot).

We get to the park, I get myself out, with my camera in the bag and ready for some action. I open their door and ask them to get out. Joe's still a little baffled. I said, "Ok boys, you are allowed to get as dirty as you'd like!" Joe's face lit up (I should have had the camera ready for THAT!). I took over 100 pictures, but here are just a few from our adventure today!

Joe made a big splash right at the start, that got Matthew all covered in mud!

Their fingers were starting to get frozen, and the rain was starting to come down harder... so we headed home. Luckily, there was no battle because they both needed to go potty! ha ha ha

I got them stripped down to underpants in the back of my van, in their seats and home. Once we got home... a nice long shower for the two of them gave me some more minutes of peace! I feel proud... I burnt them out and I had fun doing it!

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  1. sounds like an awesome afternoon! except for the worms & slugs!!!