The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Messed up boy...

I brought the boys to Target today. Joe saw a dime on the ground and wanted it so badly. I wouldn't let him get it because i didn't want to chance anymore germs! Another little boy walked by, about the same age as Joe, and didn't pick it up. Joe said, "He must be a really messed up boy, cuz he didn't pick up that dime!" Ha ha ha

In the last three weeks, our family has been through: Cough (Joe),Pneumonia (Matthew), Strep (Aaron and Matthew), Ear Infection (Matthew), Wheezing lung (Matthew), Sinus Infection (Joe), and this morning... I woke up with PINK EYE! I am smiling as I type that, amazingly enough. I am incredibly thankful that Pink Eye is the thing I got out of that list! Ha ha ha I could not have handled the exhaustion and all the help the three of them needed if I had gotten sick like they were. When I woke up this morning and I couldn't open my right eye, I literally laughed. I sorta knew "my time would come" once everyone started to get better... but I'd much rather have pink eye then strep, FOR SURE! My God has been gracious to me in protecting my exhausted body that should have very well been susceptible to ALL of those things with my level of exhaustion! I praise Him for strength and Joy during these weeks!

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