The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You are my Robot, My Only Robot...

Hello 2011... It's already day 5 of the year and I have yet to post a blog. The reason for this is, I went off the grid! I went to visit my family Kingsburg, then in Sonoma, then some friends in Castro Valley, then off to Monterey! Aaron has travelled so much in the last year, he built up Marriott Rewards that were enough for us to have a free stay in Monterey!  We took the boys on the very same walk Aaron and I went on during our honeymoon stop in Monterey...I walked behind them for a while and just smiled at what the last 7 years have added into my life! Then, we drove down the coast on Hwy 1... we saw Elephant Seals, Spouting Whales, played on the beach, met one of Aaron's aunts for dinner... and so many other little adventures a long the way. I have pictures to follow, but today I'm just trying to clean up and get organized!  I had to jump on here to post one thing...

Joe just went into my room and turned on the fan (which he's not allowed to do, but that's beside the point of this story!)... I heard him from downstairs singing, "You are my Robot, my only Robot. You make me happy when skies are gray...." He sang right behind the fan so his voice got the robot sound, and Matthew started to walk around like a robot. That's just a little memory I think I will enjoy coming back on someday. ;)

I'll look forward to posting some pictures from our trip as soon as I get the 600+ off of my camera and decide the 5-10 for my blog! THAT is hard! =) The CA coast is SO beautiful and I was with the 3 most handsome guys in the world... how to pick, how to pick!?!?!

I pray your Christmas and New Years times have been with your family and have brought many amazing memories!! (Oh yeah, and Joe got a big blue Jawbreaker in Monterey...wait till you see his blue faced pics!)
-The Mama-

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