The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some notes from today...

Today was a special day. There were tons of rough spots, as there are every day, but there were some shining lights to this day that far surpassed the tough moments. It's Sunday, so we were able to go to Crossroads this morning. Matthew DID NOT cry when I left him in class, as he's had a recent history of doing.  I ended up sitting right behind a couple Aaron and I had met at Fuse, the marriage Bible study at our church. It was so fun to see familiar faces.

The drive home is where Heaven touched my life today. Joe was pondering thoughts. I SO wish I had been recording this conversation because I can't even remember all the words he said, but here's some of the gist of it. First, we were all just kind of quietly listening to some music. Then Joe said, "Mama, if God is so big that a giant is like an ant to Him, then can he REALLY even see us at all?" WOW, what a thought. He's 5. I said, "Well, God has extra special eyes that get to see us all the time no matter where we are or how small we are." He was ok with that answer. His thoughts continued though. He wanted to know how Jesus came to earth. He said, "I know God is his dad and he let earth have him so we can be washed clean of our sings, but HOW did he GET HERE?" I told him that he came as a baby in his mom's tummy just like all people do. He said, "Yeah, but how did he get from heaven to his mama's tummy?" I said, "Well, that is just a miracle buddy." Thankfully, he accepted that answer!  He thoughts continued. He said, "Well, I guess those people in prison will just have to go to hell then huh?" Sheesh kid! lol We had a talk about redemption... I told him, "Well, no matter where someone is or what they have done, God's special eyes can still see them and His special heart will forever love them and want to forgive them." He said, "So, if the people in prison pray and ask Jesus to wash them clean, He will do it?" Yes. "So, if we love our Dad God and tell Him we're sorry when we do the wrong thing, He'll always hear us and forgive us no matter what?" Yes, so there are some people who might spend their life in prison because of mistakes they made and consequences for those mistakes, but they have asked God to forgive them and Jesus' sacrifice on the cross wash them clean, so we will meet them in Heaven." He then articulated that whole conversation in such a clear and understood way that I was just in awe. That is the part I just wish I had recorded... a sermon from a 5yr old's heart.

Today was the Jackson side of the family Thanksgiving (I'll post pictures later)... and there was one shining moment that I don't want to forget to write down. I might not have all the exact details perfect, but I know I have the big picture right. Joe has a piggy bank that he treasures and is saving to go to the toy store. He gets so upset when his money gets disturbed. Tonight, as Nana and Papa were getting ready to leave, Joe reached his hands into his piggy bank and grabbed a handful of money. He walked over to his Nana's purse and went to put it in. He told Nana that she does so much for him that he wanted to give her something special. What a sweet boy.

Today was a good day... I love hearing my son really grasp the story of redemption and salvation, and then to love enough to give something that he treasures. That's just special.

***sitting in thought***

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