The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I heard, ‘Hit her, hit her, kill.”

The boys and I had an adventure to the McD’s playground today. I gave them the normal warning, “You will be kind while you are playing, or we will leave!”  I laughed at how many moms of two boys there were in that playground today. I knew they understood my boys’ energy AND noise level!

Of course, a bunch of the boys got into pretend fighting. I don’t really care for that, but I also know it is a normal part of development.  UNTIL there were girls, and girls who did NOT like the fighting (of course). I was sitting next to a few grandma’s who were friends and brought their granddaughters together. I heard the one grandma say, “Who was beating you up, you show me and I’ll take care of THEM!” Luckily, she had a great sense of humor and didn’t intend on any bodily harm to young boys! Ha ha ha

Then it happened. The girl went back up to play and I hear my son, “Hit her, Hit her, Kill!”… Before I could even think, my mouth was open and the oh so familiar sound of, “JOE!!!” came out.  To this moment, Joe PROMISES he did not say “kill”… but, he can not deny “hit her.” I firmly believe what I heard and there is NO WAY I was gonna let it fly.

So, as I had Joe sit down next to me to get his shoes back on, the little girl came back down to her grandma. She was explaining that the boy was beating her up again (I have to add, none of the boys ever touched her, but I just don’t like that play!)… The grandma, once again said, “Show me who he is, I’ll take care of him!”… Joe heard her and slumped down in the corner behind me to hide!

So, I tapped on the grandma’s arm and nudged in Joe’s direction to show her that he was hiding. All the grandma’s got a kick out of that and the woman started to say, “You show me, find him, I’ll tear him limb from limb!” I LOVED THAT. Joe was scared half to death, until Matthew walked up. Joe jumped up real quick and said, “There’s the boy who hit her!”  *insert a hearty laugh, and a deep sigh of an enjoyed moment!*

Boys…. But, more specific… JOE!!!!

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