The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Diary of a mom who just got pushed over the edge!

*sigh* Ok, so I have a frustrating tale to tell.  This moment got me so incredibly frustrated that I sat in thought of what would make me feel better. I prayed first, and then I continued in prayer in asking the Lord to forgive me for not sucking up his peace right now! lol I needed to vent. I tried to call my husband, he answered his phone while at work (shock of all shocks really, typically he can't)... BUT, he couldn't hear me. Yeah Lord, still not grabbing hold of that peace! lol Tried to call a friend, no answer.

It starts on the drive home. We had been staying at my in-laws for the past couple of days while our house got fumigated because of termites. My in-laws kept the boys for me today and went to have some fun with them. Aaron went to work, and I got in the car to come back to our house and start putting away all the things we had to pack up. The fumigation company was supposed to call me as soon as the "All Clear" notice went on our door, so I could be here for the gas company to turn on our gas.

On the way home, I realize one of my earing had fallen out somewhere. They aren't super nice earings, and I don't think they even cost that much... but, they are the earings I bought just over 7 years ago for a bridesmaid present for one of my girls. They've always been special and now one of them is gone. I accepted it, moved on, and was ready to get to work in my house.

I get to my door and there is the "All Clear" sign...but I hadn't been called. The man who set up the fumigation said he thought it would be between 2-5, so I showed up at 2 just to be safe. Well, there was another note, one from the gas company. It said, "We came at 10:55 and missed you, please call to reschedule." Me, being the usually positive person that I am... Thought I could call right up and have someone head on over here.

No such luck.

I get a lady who says the very next time they could be here is "Sometime Monday." SOMETIME MONDAY??? I told her, "Ok, wait a minute, I have two small children to take care of and you want me to go 2.5 days with no gas?... No baths?... No cooking???"  She said there was absolutely nothing she could do.

*tears began to fall*

You see, for me, uncontrollable tears fall when I'm overly frustrated. THIS IS NOT OK, is what I felt. THERE HAS TO BE AN ANSWER!

There's no answer.

My husband is working very hard today, he'll get home in the middle of the night covered in sweat... no hot water. THAT IS NOT OK.

See, overly frustrated tears are falling down my face again.  I know "sometime Monday" will come and we'll live until it does... I know the gas will eventually get turned on, but IT'S THE POINT... Who leaves someone with two small children high and dry for 2.5 days?

Thanks fumigation company, for not seeing it important enough to make that call that was highlighted and in big letters on your order form. I hope you enjoy your shower tonight. Oh, and don't worry about all the cabinets and drawers you left open, I'll get those for you.

I'm sorry to all you sweet people who get this blog automatically... but, I also thank you for allowing me to feel like I shared my frustration. Now... whether I like it or not, I have to get this house ready for my sons and my husband to come home tonight. Hmmm, I bet the boys would find it funny for me to microwave water for their bath! Ha ha ha

Ok Lord, I'm starting to feel that peace... Now for Joy... let's work on that one! ;)
This was our fridge... with everything packed up for the fumigation. I put all the freezer stuff in the garage freezer. SOOO not fun!

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  1. WOW!! I cannot believe they didn't call, I'm so sorry about that! ..I'm also confused why the gas company couldn't just turn it back on without you? I've had mine turned off by them, as well as turned back on - all without me being consulted! I hope you can have an adventure this weekend - maybe everyone can have a bath day at Grandma & Grandpa's house tomorrow! So sorry that happened to you!