The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Joe's 1st Solo Book!

I am SOOO excited to present Joe's first Solo Book! The only thing I did for it was fold over a couple of pieces of white paper and staple them together like a book. He walked away from my with blank pages and came back with this:

I wish I knew what he was doing... I would have hidden the yellow so I could actually SEE the picture really well! I love that he draws a muscley stomach and the patch eye for his pirate.
Another time I'd love to get rid of the yellow! lol If you can see, the yellow is a canon shooting towards another pirate ship that is coming!

Now you can see the canon with the canon balls flying towards the other ship!

 Abondone SHIP!! We're HIT! I love that he went to black for the "EMERGENCY" mode on this page!
 The good ship floating away. It says, "Pirts Uv The Carubein"
SOOOO cute! I love the sounding out of words, and how much he loves to write and draw!
I opened it in Photoshop and traced his writing so it would be more visible! ;) I LOVE how the "CA" is on one line and the "Rubein" on another. It's interesting to me too that he wrote "uv" instead of "of"... He knows the word "of" but it just didn't click in his head that THIS use of "of" in the title is the same as his sight word "of." ;)

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