The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Monday, June 11, 2012

"Mama, Why did God give you....."

Oh my sweet Matthew, the questions you ask me lately have been making my heart smile.

Today, the boys were outside playing and I just knew (by the giggles I heard through the wall) that something wasn't quite right. When they both came in with an "I've been up to something" grin... I asked. They lied. I don't remember the lie, or the truth, but I remember the quivering lip and the wandering eyes telling that the truth was being hidden from me. They tried to present the lie again, so I said, "God gave me the ability to know when you are lying, so I suggest you tell the truth before there are harsh consequences for being dishonest." The truth was told.

A bit later, Joe came in after having touched the electric fence the neighbors put in to keep the cows from getting out again... which I had informed him was electric, but apparently he didn't believe me. He tried to say, "I fell down the hill into the fence," but I am sure that is pretty much impossible... which lead me to another conversation about knowing when they are lying.

As Joe went out to play, Matthew was helping me clean up some toys. He said, "Mama, why did God give you all the special stuff?" I asked him what he meant. "Well, you know... the eye in the back of your head, really really good hearing, and the way to know when we are lying."

I smiled and told him, "God gave me all the special super Mama abilities because He knew I needed to raise you guys to be good boys. There is no way I could be the Mama you need me to be if I didn't have God's help with some special abilities sometimes."

He smiled. I love those moments with my boys.


  1. Wish I had used my super mom abilities a little more. Keep it up.

    1. I'm sure you were much more super than you think you were. ;) Thanks for the encouagement!