The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Parenting Advice: GIRLFRIENDS!! Ack!

I just sent an e-mail out to a group of people who I thought would give me fun, unique, and diverse answers to a question. I decided to post my e-mail here (because it's going to be a fun thing to look back on) and I'll be editing this post later to add in some of the responses I get! Here's the e-mail (Sorry for those of you who got it AND get my auto blog e-mails!) Blog responses are welcome too! :)

Ok, so I'm sending this e-mail out to a group of people who I thought would give me a good response to a parenting question I have. :)
My sweet, wonderful and handsome Joe has come down with a disorder called: A GIRLFRIEND! lol
He is in 2nd grade, her name is Stella, and "He protects her." I started to hear about Stella just after school started. There was a day when Joe noticed a child who had nobody to play with, so he decided to go play with her. Stella, thought it was a great idea too, and came to help in Joe's cause for the good. It began there. I'll give it to him, that's a good reason to like a girl. :)
Since then, I've heard "Stella this" and "Stella that," and he even pointed her out to me as she danced down the street with her dad after school. He proudly wanted me to see her. This was before he mentioned any "girlfriend" business.
Yesterday, Rick picked the boys up from school for me and had some fun time with them. Joe informed Rick that he got a kiss from a girl that day, and that she "Like Likes" him... "Not just Likes, but more than that, Like Likes." :) He later told me about the "Like" part, but not the kiss! LOL (smart boy) He told me that he and Stella talked about it, and she informed him that she used to have a boyfriend, but now HE is her boyfriend and he let her know he "like likes" her too.
I started to talk to him about how I love to hear about him being kind to others, even making best friends and protecting girls... but that he's too young to have a "Girlfriend." Now, for any of you who have met Joe for 2 seconds, you know he was NOT going to have that response! lol So, with Aaron out of town until Thursday, I was able to say, "Well, we'll have to talk with Dada about that when he gets back."
Sooo... this leads me to ask for advice! This is the first time it hasn't been "fluffy"... meaning, they all say "Girlfriend" in kindergarten etc (Matthew has one too)... but Joe is now talking about kissing (which Rick said he demonstrated on the cheek!)... And he's talking about their discussing "the relationship." In Kindergarten they just have a girlfriend "from afar" and never TALK about it together! lol
My debate:
1. "Let it roll." How long can it really last any way, and they are young and innocent etc etc etc
2. Push the process of, "You're too young for a girlfriend."
At what point is it not "cute" anymore to have a "little girlfriend" and we need to teach them about the appropriate time for relationships and KISSING! :)
P.S. I found a note from ANOTHER GIRL in Joe's bag that said, "I love you Joe, I will miss you."... Apparently she is moving to another school. This boy tends to attract love notes and goo-goo eyes.
I know, when parents make a big deal of things, the kids tend to RUN in THAT direction... so I'm torn with WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO? :)
Any, all advice, funny thoughts, jokes, and "Glad it's YOU and not ME" comments are welcome! I'm just wanting to bounce thoughts around before I jump in on that conversation with him again.... Though, I'm sure I'll hear more about STELLA today after school. Joe told me she was going to be informing her parents about their relationship last night too... so I said, "Well, let's see what HER parents had to say about that!".... :)
Thanks Y'all... I appreciate it!

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