The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Learning what is ours is always His...and to bless others.

After church today, the boys and I were picking up a birthday present for a party we were attending for one of Joe's classmates.
As we were leaving, a lady approached me to ask for money. Now, I had just made Joe be very choosey with the gift because "we're working on a budget and God will bless us when we make the right choices."... (Go Dave Ramsey! lol)... Then, she approached me. I had the boys get in the car and get buckled up while I spoke with her a minute and gave her some of our cash. (Yes, I had just used some to pay in the store instead of just swiping my card... Go Dave Ramsey! lol)...
When I got in the car, it was a great lesson for my boys. Joe said, "Mama, God needs to bless us for saving our money....".... I asked him, "Joe, who provides money for our family?" He said, "God and Dada." (collective: Awwww)... I explained to him that Dada works very hard, but he wouldn't have any work if it weren't for God's blessings on our lives and that God provides for us all the time. I then said, "If I were Jesus and the lady asked me for help, what would I do?" Joe said, "Jesus would help."
I said, "Well, then, don't you think He'll be pleased that we've helped someone he loves and He'll continue to provide for our needs plus help us to have enough to give to others?"..... "Yes Mama." :) It was a special moment.
These are the moments I am SO thankful for, and treasure as a Mom. I'm getting to sow the seeds of godly character into their hearts and I pray the Lord waters those seeds and raises them to be excellent men after His heart.

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