The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Joe's Great Grandpa

(This pic is from the Discovery Science Center in Southern CA... I just think it's funny! It has nothing to do with the blog entry, except I like to put a pic of the boys when I'm writing about them! ha ha)

As we were driving back and forth between Nana & Papa's house and VBS in Southern CA, the boys and I had some fun conversations. One of which revolved around family and the "who's who" in the family. We talked about Nana's parents and how I never got to meet them, but we will in Heaven. We talked about my Papa Jack and how he will also meet him in Heaven.

Joe said, "Well, I have a great great Grandpa." I said, "Yes you do, and you'll meet Him when you get to Heaven too." He said, "No, I have him now...Grandpa Don." (Grandpa Don is my grandpa). I said, "No buddy, Grandpa Don is your Great Grandpa." He stopped me right away and said, "NO, POP (my dad) is my GREAT Grandpa, and Grandpa Don is my Great Great Grandpa!"

It hit me, he thought I was talking about "Great" as in awesome, not as in generations! I thought it was SUPER cute, so I called my dad and left him a message to tell him how GREAT Joe thinks He is. :) So cute! (And he's excited for so many people to meet in Heaven!)

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  1. So cute. I had a feeling that's where he was going =)