The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Just Some Funnies...

I WANT every single hilarious thing they say to end up in this blog... but, alas, I am only one Mama and they come up with SO MANY hilarious things! I have to jump on and share a few!

Today, on our drive home from Costco, Matthew said: I know how to drive a car. To which Joe responded: No you don't. Matthew explained to Joe that he did know how to drive a car: "You just keep your eyes on the road, and don't go in the dirt!" Ha ha ha We live out in the country now, so I'm able to let them "Drive me home" from down the road. I've been letting Matthew sit on my lap and drive me to our cousin's house down the road... of course, he's only in charge of the wheel and my hands are never too far away. ;)

Another fun recent moment:

Matthew: Mama, when are we going to go to ChuckEECheeses again? Me: I'm not sure Bud. Matthew: But Mama, you're the boss. Me: lol

A Recent Facebook status that I loved:

LOL! I just opened Joe's window during a car wash! (the water spraying was at the back of the car).... Priceless face! :)
(I wish I had a picture to put with that one, but it was dark and I wasn't prepared for the greatness of that moment! lol)

An "Awww" moment:

As Matthew was praying for dinner tonight, he said, "and I pray God has a nice sleep in the clouds." ♥ his heart.

A Moment in Technology:

Matthew (While watching Joe play Mario Bro's) "Mama, why didn't you name me a different name?" Me: What name do you think I should have named you?" Matthew: "Toad." Me: "Because I'm nice." ... Matthew: *Shrug & Confused look.* ;) So funny.
(Toad is the name of a character that Matthew LOVES in Mario Bro's)

Another Recent Facebook Status:

I'm doing an internal laugh right now. I just told the boys, "If you guys go brush your teeth nicely, I'll add 5 minutes to the time you get to be awake tonight." They RAN in to brush their teeth! So many things are funny about that to me. lol

Matthew's Need for Privacy:

While in a bathroom stall, Matthew says,"Could you please give me privacy?" I said "I'm not looking at you." He says,"What about the eye on the back of your head?" YES, he IS still little! :)

Yet ANOTHER funny Facebook status:

I just got out of the shower to find my little turtle (Matthew), with a big brown spot on his "shell".... When I asked him what it was, his eyes got all puppy dog on me and he said, "Pudding." He snuck a pudding cup while I was in the shower and would have totally gotten away with it, had he not dripped on his costume. :) These boys and sneaking sweets... they must really be mine. LOL

Matthew's fun just keeps on going...

Matthew sneezed, then went to grab a tissue and blew his nose... All normal things, but then he said with a deep, strong and very "on purpose" voice, "I did that LIKE A MAN!" :) Goofy kid! I think he thought his nose blowing was loud like Dada. :)

Some More Random Funnies:

* Me: "Matthew, I don't want you to get bigger." Matthew: "But I have to." I asked him why and he said, "Cuz I need to be a dad." :) I love how their little minds work. He wants to be big like his Dada, so he just calls himself "a Dad."

* "Hey Mama, did you know I almost got my finger stuck in my brain?... I put it up in my nose and it almost got stuck, but then I got it out." LOL... Another profound truth from the mind of my almost 5 year old. He really thought it was almost stuck in his brain. :)

* "Hey Mama... Sharks that have two eyes that are long and separate are called Hammerheads."... I love his descriptive explanation... and how simple his "profound realizations" still are! He's almost 5, but still my BABY! :)

* I love how Matthew just informed me "2+2=4" as though he thought he was the first to tell me. :)

I'll end with a quote a friend left on my Facebook page... It made me laugh, and I thought she was probably right:

Just heard a commercial on the radio explaining that a "Momarazzi" is defined as a mom who takes pictures of their kids non-stop, constantly "documenting" them lol! I thought that was SO cute & instantly thought of you ; ) You SO qualify! Lol

Ok, since it can't REALLY be a blog entry with out a picture... here's a recent one I snapped of the boys after we had pulled up to church. I'm pretty sure I took it with my phone, because I just thought they looked so darn cute... then they "posed." :)

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