The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Park Bully...

Today we had an awful experience at the park. I was so proud of myself for stopping at the park on the way home from church. I knew the boys had a ton of energy and they would just get in trouble if we came straight home. I did not WANT to go to the park, but I knew it was best for them... so, we went.

While we were there, the boys were displaying some great boy behavior... yelling, running, and calling each other potty names. GRRR. Matthew started saying, "Undies." Matthew had no idea what "Undies" was, but he thought it was a funny word he had heard.

There were these two girls who were about 10 years old playing at the park. They were... mean. When the boys wanted to down the slide they pulled out the, "We've been sliding down this slide a lot longer than you little boys, it's ours." I sat quietly and watched (all involved children had no idea I was paying attention)... Joe proceeded to explain to her that she was being rude and all children get a turn on the slide. ha ha ha I heard, "Whatever Little boy," as they walked away.

The girls proceeded to be rude, my boys proceeded to be hyper boys enjoying their park... Then, Matthew had enough. He looked at one of the girls and said, "You're Undies." LOLOL I have to laugh, because he still had no idea what Undies were, but the girl was mortified and kept pulling up her pants in fear that her undies were showing. (I DID NOT laugh in that moment)... Right when he said it, I called him to me and he sat in a time out for calling names. I explained to him what "Undies" were and his face showed me he was embarrassed. So cute.  His time out came to an end and he went to apologize for calling her a name.

They all continued to play... the mean girls were blocking the slides, again... My boys stood their ground and said they needed to share. The girl looked at Matthew and told him, "You are so about to get beat up."


There are times when you let your kids work their way through things and then there is a 10yr old girl threatening bodily harm to my 3yr old... I don't care if he DID call her Undies...that's NOT gonna happen! lol

I quickly spoke up and said, "He is NOT about to get beat up!" The girl froze and looked in my direction. As though a parent had never stood up to her bad attitude. Amazing. I explained to her that everyone needed to be kind and the slide is for sharing.  What I DID NOT know is that her mom was behind me! Ha ha ha... When a young girl is THAT mean, typically the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...but, the mom stood down.  She did not do anything actually, just sat there.

Here's the truth... I'm sad. I'm sad for the girl. My sons are fine, they are still hyper boys playing, screaming and actually NOT potty talking in our backyard right now. They are healthy, they are happy and they have hearts that love people at the core.  This girl, during the process of the park was so violent and rude... she was a bit on the chubby side and obviously self conscious. She said at one point that her life was horrible. I was very upset to hear my 3yr old threatened and enlightened to the level of protection I must have for him in this world... but sad for that little heart who will go home to the example that made her the way she is... and I pray the Lord touches her little life and shows her what having love at the core really feels like.

*sigh* Heavy moments for me.

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