The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Joe's Handsome Hunk Moment!!

This is, once again, one of those moments where I just WISH I had my camera. If you could imagine a woman holding her 5month old baby girl in one arm, holding the hand of her 2yr old boy in the other, and trying to push a stroller through a door. (side note: maybe a good moment to put the baby IN the stroller, but I wont go there....well, any more than I just did! lol)

That was the picture as we were leaving McDonald's today. The poor thing was so darn cute with her beautiful children and she had JUST taught her 2yr old son manners to wait while a disabled man came through the door with his wheelchair first. She was just CUTE.

We were waiting "in line" to go out the door when Joe jumped into action. He saw her struggling and ran over to get the door. He said, "Let me get ahead of you and I'll hold the door for you." ... collective, "Awwww" rang out.

Just as Joe opened the door and was a total handsome hunk of a 6 year old, I heard a voice. It was a young 20somethin guy who decided to say, "I was just about to do that." I could not help myself. I literally burst into laughter right there. I looked at him and said, "Busted by a 6 year old!" ha ha ha He smiled a bashful smile.

I was so proud of my son! The guy who almost was a handsome hunk definitely got a great lesson in how to get all the ladies to say, "Awwww." It would be fun to be a fly on the wall and see if he leaps into action next time, instead of thinkin about it!

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