The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Guts and Beeping...

Joe has a new fascination... "Guts." As we were leaving his school today, there was a piece of trash in the parking lot. He thought for SURE it was a bird, and I just crushed it. Then, he started to ask about guts. He wanted to know if he could see HIS guts. I said, "Well, we can look up guts online and show you what a person's guts look like, but the only way we will see yours is if you're dead." He was unhappy with that answer. ha ha ha  Then he said, "Mama, what IS guts?" I told him it is all of our organs and blood inside our bodies. He said, "So, you mean like our hearts?".... I said yes. He said, "Oh man, then that bird isn't beeping anymore is he?" I smiled and said no. I love that he's still small enough to "mess things up"... He meant "Beating" because the heart isn't beating... but, when I talked to him about hearts, he got it mixed up and said "Beep"... and I didn't want to correct him. The boy is so smart, it's fun to hear him be small with his understanding sometimes. So, I'm the one who made the GUTS come out of the bird so he couldn't beep anymore... All that, over a piece of trash.

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